What Are The Most Popular Types Of Engagement Ring Settings?

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After putting your heart and soul into finding the right words to finally confess your feelings to her, finding a perfect engagement ring might be a stressful task for you. And why not? The ring will say a lot about her personality and make her feel the warmth of your love whenever she looks at it.

Well, from traditional to fancy, many engagement ring settings can turn her cranks and elevate her appearance. You just need to find the perfect ring that suits her well and adds stars to her outfits.

Feeling confused? Don’t worry! I have listed some of the best engagement ring styles that have been trendy and stylish from the beginning.

Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

When it comes to the engagement ring, the Sapphire solitaire ring is always the first choice for every woman if simple and sophisticated jewelry is their thing. Many engagement ring styles have come and gone, but the classic appearance of the solitaire ring setting is forever. So, if you love to add a minimalist touch to your engagement ring, then solitaire is a perfect choice for you.

You may choose any gemstone for your ring, but a diamond is always a preferred stone for a solitaire ring. The solitaire setting allows the centerstone to capture all the attention while elevating the appearance of the ring. Choose a loose diamond that matches the elegance of the solitaire setting and augments your presence.

Pave Engagement Ring Setting

Love the extra sparkle in your engagement ring. Then a pave ring setting is an ideal choice for you, providing incredible sparkle to your ring. The high-profile appearance of the pave ring catches attention all the time and adds charm to the wearer’s individuality.

The shank of the pave ring is garnished with small pave diamonds, providing an implausible shine to the ring. This ring also adds character to your outfit and arrests attention wherever you go.


Two-stone Engagement Ring Setting

Two-stone ring, also known as the toi et moi ring, is one of the most romantic engagement ring choices for couples. The two stones in the ring are a symbol of two souls that have come together to become one.

If you’re getting engaged and want to covey your endless love to your partner, a two-stone ring will echo your love for her aloud. To make your two-stone engagement ring more meaningful, you can choose to embed the birthstones of your partner and yours in the ring.

Three-stone Ring Setting

What about having three stones in your engagement ring, isn’t it exciting? Three-stone ring is a perfect match for those who love to have a mix of stones in their engagement ring. Generally, the centerstone in a three-stone ring is flanked by two smaller diamonds. The opulent and high-profile appearance of the three-stone ring compels you to adorn yourself with this ring and add charm to your outfit.

Also, the three stones in the ring are a symbol of love, friendship and fidelity, making it a romantic choice for the engagement ring. You can also make your ring look luxurious by embellishing the shank with small pave diamonds. This will provide the ring with extra sparkle and make the ring look exceptionally beautiful.

Halo Ring Setting

The Halo ring is a perfect ring setting if you want a vintage touch to your one and only engagement ring. The embellishment of diamonds in the halo ring setting makes the ring look classic and coveted. The small diamonds around the centerstone provide extra sparkle to the ring and make the centerstone appear big than its actual size.

You can place any gemstone of your choice in your halo ring to match the grace of your personality. If you’ve found your special one and want something that reminds her of your eternal love for her, then a halo engagement ring setting will make her heart smile and eyes shine.

Bezel Ring Setting

If the centerstone is more secure in any ring setting, then it would surely be a bezel setting. The bezel engagement ring setting helps to protect the centerstone by encircling it with a metal rim that holds the stone tightly. The bezel ring is one of the most desired ring settings after solitaire, giving a modern appearance to the wearer.


This encircling metal rim in a bezel setting can easily hide the inclusions in the stone. So, if you have a limited budget and want to spend less on the stone, then a bezel ring setting is an ideal pick for you. Also, gold is a more suitable metal option for the bezel ring as it enhances the appearance of the ring.

I have given you a brief idea about the most popular engagement ring options you can choose to make your engagement remarkable. If you want to convey your never-ending love to your partner, gift her a ring that complements her personality and adds elegance to her outfit.

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