What are Chinos and 7 Designs to Style Them

What are Chinos and Designs to Style Them
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What are Chinos: In recent years, chinos have emerged as a timeless fashion staple that is bridging the gap between casual and formal attire. For both men and women looking to add a touch of sophistication to their wardrobe daily, these versatile trousers have become a go-to choice. In this article, we take a look at what chinos are and explore 7 unique designs to style them effortlessly.

What are chinos?

These are cotton trousers that originated in the mid-19th century as military uniforms. “Chino” derived from the Spanish language means Chinese, referring to the twill fabric’s origin in China.

Here are the 7 unique designs to style them: What are Chinos

1. Classic Khaki Chinos:

An essential to the wardrobe is the classic khaki chinos. Any top can seamlessly pair with its neutral color hence making it suitable for them to be worn during casual occasions or formal ones. One can combine them with leather loafers and a crisp white shirt for a polished look.

What are Chinos and Designs to Style Them

2. Slim Fit Chinos: What are Chinos

A modern and tailored silhouette is offered by Slim Fit Chinos. For those who prefer a snug without sacrificing comfort, they are the best choice. A sleek office-ready outfit can be styled by them with a fitted blazer and suede ankle boots.

3. Colored Chinos:

People should be confident to venture beyond traditional colors. Personality can be added to one’s outfit through colored chinos in shades like navy, olive, or burgundy. For a pop of color, pair them with a complementary shirt or a simple white tee.

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4. Patterned Chinos:

A dash of flair is added to one’s attire by patterned chinos, such as checks or pinstripes. For date nights or casual gatherings, they are the best choices, and for balance, pair them with a solid-colored shirt and sneakers.

5. Cargo Chinos: What are Chinos

Style and functionality are combined by cargo chinos. The cargo pants are ideal for a utilitarian look as they feature multiple looks. For an edgy street-style appearance, pair them up with a graphic tee and chunky boots.


6. High-Waisted Chinos:

Making a comeback to the fashion world is the high-waisted chinos. For a touch of vintage charm, tuck in a fitted blouse or a tucked-in shirt and complete the look with heeled sandals.

 Chinos and Designs to Style Them

7. Cropped Chinos: What are Chinos

For warmer months, cropped chinos are versatile. A playful element is added to the outfit by their shortened length. For a chic summer look pair them with a tucked-in-tank top and espadrilles.


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