Wedding Rings: Symbol of Love

Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring
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Rings have long been recognized as a token of love and an infinite circle of life. Both men and women wear rings, not only as beautification ornaments but also as a souvenirs of a romantic relationship between a couple. From promise rings to engagement rings and wedding rings to anniversary rings, couples exchange vows of love with several rings.

wedding rings

Symbolism Behind Wedding Rings

Talking about a wedding ring is concrete evidence of a formal marital agreement between two individuals. It is an eternal symbol of lifelong commitment, honor, and loyalty that the couple shares for the rest of their lives. Let us dive into the never-ending ocean of love by unveiling fascinating meanings behind wedding rings.

Faithful Commitment: Needless to mention, wedding rings signify the eternal bond of togetherness shared by two individuals for a lifetime. It’s your promise of loyalty and sincerity towards your partner to build a blissful and sentimental marital relationship.

Sign of Being Married: We can say that a wedding ring is the most prideful possession of a married couple since it is a sign showing you are married. So the next time you see someone wearing a ring on the ring finger, it means they are already taken and you must not dare to flirt with them.

Emblem of Love: Though a wedding ring is worn by every married couple, a wedding ring may carry even more importance for a couple who wedded out of love. Lovers-turned-spouses cherish their wedding rings not only as a token of their marriage but also as an emblem of the unconditional love that brought them together as life partners.

The Epicenter of Infinite Love: Though modern wedding rings come in contemporary designs that might not be strictly circular, traditional wedding rings are cherished for their circular shapes that symbolize infinity, i.e., something that has no beginning and no end. An endless circle calls for never-ending love while the hollow inside represents the future path.

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Meant For Ring Finger: As we discussed before, wedding rings are usually meant to be worn on the ring finger which is the fourth finger. This tradition is not new but centuries old, Romans were the first ones to start the tradition of wearing wedding rings on the left hand and in particular on the fourth finger since it is believed that a vein passes from the heart to this finger. This tradition is followed till today though, some couples prefer wearing their wedding rings on the right hand or another finger due to cultural differences.

Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

Prominent Heirloom Jewelry: Thanks to the incomparable charm of the wedding rings and their acceptance in the lives of their wearers, engagement rings and wedding bands make the perfect heirloom jewelry for modern couples. It’s always trendy and sentimental to wear your grandparents’ or parents’ wedding rings as they not only carry the family’s legacy but also incorporate your elder’s blessings in your life.

Reminder of Loved Ones: Though women have been wearing wedding rings since the ancient Egyptian period, the majority of men did not begin wearing the same until a century ago. It was during World War II the active duty soldiers on the war front thought of wearing wedding rings as a memento of their wedding and a reminder of their wives waiting for them back home. Since then, men have also been wearing wedding rings as religiously as women.

Personalized Sentimental Jewelry: Today many couples prefer to customize their wedding rings by engraving their initials, the date of the wedding, certain symbols, messages of love, or augmenting birthstones on the rings. Infinity symbol rings or knot bands are also popular wedding ring options since they are symbolic of an eternal bond that exists between the couple.

End Note

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