Wedding Dresses for Spring

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Hi everyone, it’s been a very stressful week for me but the best way to still distress is to bring something beautiful for my dear readers and Fashionistas. So, I kept thinking what next for the season and boom, it’s SPRING. Yep, most beautiful weddings happen when the flowers bloom just like the love between the bride and the groom, am I right? (lol). So spring is an overall beautiful time of the year where our favorite trees bloom, my personal favorite being Cherry blossoms. Who wouldn’t want to get married under the beautiful season of nature to just get in touch with it, right? So without further ado, brides of the season, here are a few amazing wedding dresses for spring!

wedding dresses for spring

This caught my eye, and I can honestly say, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Is there any bride here that likes flare gowns like me, raise your hands (chuckles). The sweetheart veiled neck-line tells us that we can still rock wedding gowns, all covered up. The long veiled sleeves and stone accessories on it leaves any bride looking sparkly as she walks down the aisle. As you can see, even the make up is on point but a little disclaimer; you can also use smokey make-up for it. I especially love the patterns on the body and flare skirt because in as much as it looks like winter sparkles, its great for spring season because it just brings out the authenticity of the flowers you walk on.

wedding dresses for spring 1

The best gowns are always reserved for the queens, so, any Royal’s in the house (I am one, lol). From the patterns, to the make up, this gown caters for whatever comfort you desire and especially those brides who personally do not like heals, hint, you can wear sneakers underneath (sneaky right, lol?). All you have to do dear bride is to walk in this gown and let the gown do the sparkly lifting up of the field of flowers you pass. Like I said, smokey make up is good on any design like this as it even makes you look so mysterious yet gorgeous that would make your groom and everyone around you gasp with awe.

wedding dresses for spring 2

(little tears),This gown got me so emotional whenever i look at it. Not only is it beautiful, it tells its own story. Wanna know it: Whenever I see this gown, I think; you can pick out a simple gown like this and still walk down the aisle with pride, comfort, Grace and love. This gown can light the path of whatever field of flowers you walk in. The veil also stands out on whatever hairstyle you choose and make up. What bride won’t want a bit of comfort and beauty as she walks to the man of her dreams. Another things, is the shoes. Slipper heels, Pointed cover heels, wedges can be worn under this gown so you don’t need to find the exact perfect shoes.

There is still so much for spring, but I’ll bring that up some other time, I really want to appreciate everyone who likes these gowns and Like I always say, You can get all of these at the Exquisite brides boutique. They also do deliveries, so, you don’t have to worry. And that rounds out my top wedding dresses for spring, have a great wedding day all.

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