Wedding Dress Trend 2023

Wedding Dress Trend
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A ton of ultra-chic inspiration can be found in the wedding dress trends for 2023, which feature stunning ball gowns, vibrant dresses, and lavish accessories like bows, feathers, and ruffles. If you’re planning a wedding for the following year or are just daydreaming about your future wedding attire, these are the wedding dress trends for 2023 to be aware of.

Colorful Dresses

This Bridal Fashion Week has shown that bridal designers are once again willing to take chances. Wedding dresses in every color appeared in many lines after a few seasons of all-white collections. Daring brides should choose big floral patterns and metallics, but pastel colors like light blue and blush are naturally romantic. Pro tip: Let your statement gown do the talking and keep the rest of your accessories basic to pull off a more colorful bridal look.

Feather Embellishments

If you want to look stylish and rich, think about a wedding dress with feather details. A wedding gown with eye-catching plumes can seem more elegant and add a playful, festive touch to the celebration-like atmosphere of your big day. Make a statement at your reception or after-party in a feather minidress or a curve-skimming gown with a hemline of feathers. Extra daring today? A wedding suit with feathers on it is a great example of how to mix seriousness and fun.

The Gloves

Fans of Bridgerton and the Gilded Age should follow this trend. Whether fingerless, in the opera style, or wrist-length, bridal gloves are all about old-world romance. Gloves were in almost every collection during Bridal Fashion Week, which gives us hope that this incredibly refined fashion trend will endure. Bridal gloves enhance your wedding day ensemble in a similar way to other wedding accessories like veils, headbands, and hair bows. Even if the Regency Era isn’t your style of choice, gloves come in a range of fabrics, styles, and colors to fit every wedding aesthetic.


No veil No issue. If veils aren’t your thing, think about wearing a wedding dress with a cape. This unanticipated wedding day addition adds the same glamorous movement for photos as a veil, gives off a red carpet vibe, and can be removed after the ceremony without messing up your hair. Some of our favorite designs were the ones with dramatic ruffles, beading that looked like the stars, sequins that fell down, and embroidered lace.


Your wedding day is the one occasion when wearing a romantic outfit is appropriate. And ruffle accents are the epitome of romanticism. Ruffles add just the right amount of whimsy to any silhouette because they are softer and a little less out of the ordinary than feathers. Rich ruffled ball dresses were a big part of several designs, and dramatic mermaid gowns with ruffled skirts also came back.


Calling all fans of Barbie We can’t help but wonder if Barbie’s comeback and her exquisite sense of taste have anything to do with bridal designers’ current craze for this vintage ornament. Of course, bows are a bridal essential, but this season, the bigger the bow, the better. Big bows on the shoulders take the puff sleeve trend to the next level, and bows in the back make even the most simple silhouette look better. If over-the-top bridal clothing isn’t your style, consider more delicate bow accents (we adored the sparkling ones we saw at Honor).

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