Wedding Dress Made Of Useless Masks, Praises Bride

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Designer Tom Silverwood from England has created a beautiful Wedding Dress from 1500 Used Masks. A model has got a photoshoot done in this unique dress. Its photos are getting viral on social media.

Since the year 2020, people all over the world are using masks to avoid Coronavirus. These days many types of masks are available in the market and with their help of them, every effort is being made to avoid coronavirus. Many people throw the mask anywhere, while many dispose of them well. England’s fashion designer Tom Silverwood has created a Bride’s Wedding Dress with the help of useless masks.

Wedding Dress made from 1500 masks

Photos of a model are becoming viral on the social media site Instagram. This model is wearing a bridal dress. The model is looking very beautiful in a white wedding gown. By zooming in on the photo well, it is known that this wedding dress is made of mask (Wedding Dress Made By Used Mask Recycle). According to designer Tom Silverwood, 1500 masks have been used to make this dress.

wedding dress made of masks

Launched on Freedom Day

This beautiful wedding dress was launched on ‘Freedom Day’ in the United Kingdom. This dress by Tom Silverwood has been funded by the Wedding Planner website Hitched. There is some relaxation in the restrictions related to the lockdown in England. In such a situation, the beauty of weddings will also start returning. Model Jemima Hambro has got a Bride Photoshoot done in this wedding dress near St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

People praised fiercely

Social media users are praising the designer’s mind and unique wedding dress. They love the use of useless masks (Used Mask Recycle).

By Shara Sharma

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