Wedding Attires From All Over The World!

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Weddings are extraordinary for every person. And a big part of a person’s wedding is their attire. Every culture has its own traditions and every tradition has its own wedding attires. I think every culture is beautiful and deserves to be appreciated. So, let’s have a look at some of these:

Wedding attires from all over the world!


1.  Indian Wedding

Indian wedding attires

Pink or red wedding lehnga are frequently worn by brides in Indian culture. A crimson dot in the centre of the forehead known as bindi is widely used to identify married women in the country’s north.


2. Kazakhstani Bride

Kazakhstani wedding attires

Brides at traditional Kazakh weddings generally wear a “Saukele” headpiece as well as a facial veil. The Saukele is often prepared well before the females reach marriageable age.


3. Nigerian Bride

Nigerian wedding attires

Nigeria is a large country with over 500 languages and over 250 ethnic groupings. As a result, wedding ceremonies differ depending on the area, religion, and ethnic background. Nigerian brides, on the other hand, frequently wear vividly coloured wedding gowns. They also frequently wear a Gele, a Nigerian head tie.


4. Traditional Wedding In Ghana

ghana wedding attires

Traditional Ghanaian weddings are frequently quite colourful, with each family having its unique textile design that is included on the bride and groom’s bridal attire.


5. Japanese Wedding

japanese wedding attires

For a traditional Japanese wedding, the bride often wears a pure white kimono for the formal ceremony, which symbolizes purity and maidenhood. After the ceremony, the bride may then change into a red kimono to symbolise good luck.


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