Wedding Attires From All Over The World! Part-2

wedding attires
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Weddings are extraordinary for every person. And a big part of a person’s wedding is their attire. Every culture has its own traditions and every tradition has its own wedding attires. I think every culture is beautiful and deserves to be appreciated. So, let’s have a look at some wedding attires:

Wedding attires from all over the world!


1. Mongolian Bride

Mongolian Bride | Trajes para casamento, Vestidos tradicionais de casamento, Casamento tradicional

The bride and groom each wear a Deel during a traditional Mongolian wedding ritual. A Deel is a type of patterned garment used by Mongols and other nomadic tribes in Central Asia for ages.


2. Romanian Bride From Oas Region

Romanian Bride From Oas Region wedding attires

Weddings in Oas are a big deal in the northwestern portion of Transylvania. The parents and the bride and groom-to-be arrange the wedding, and several rituals are involved, such as arranging the dowry and clothing, selecting godparents, and creating the wedding flag.


3. Chinese Wedding

chinese wedding attires

In China, the color red is seen to represent good fortune. The color is also said to ward off evil spirits. It’s no wonder, therefore, that traditional Chinese wedding attire is virtually always crimson.


4. Yakan Bride

wedding attires asia

The Yakan are an ethnolinguistic group that live mostly on the Philippine island of Basilan. Traditional marriages often include two ceremonies: one Islamic and one pre-Islamic. The parents plan the weddings, and both the bride and groom wear face paint to the event.


5. Indonesian Wedding

Indonesian bride wedding attires

Because Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands, weddings differ widely based on where individuals reside and which of the 300+ ethnic groups they belong to.



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