What You Should Wear to a Taylor Swift Eras Concert

Taylor Swift Eras Tour dressing guide
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A Taylor Swift Eras Tour – An entire country of Swifties was excitedly awaiting news not many ago because of when they’d have the chance to witness their fearless leader (pun intended) performing in real life again. Rumors swirled—”Will she tour Lover and Folklore and Evermore and Midnights?”—until her 2023 tour was revealed, Hysteria raged, websites flooded, and those fortunate enough to receive tickets were left with just one question: “What will I wear to A Taylor  Swift Eras Tour?” Getting ready for a Taylor Swift performance or an Eras live stream party is literally a chance to play Tag Yourself, Taylor’s Albums style. It’s difficult to pick always one era, and Taylor believes this, as evidenced by her several mid-concert dress changes.

We’ve created an in-depth list of Taylor Swift concert wardrobe ideas based on her album styles to assist you in selecting your perfect Eras tour look.

1. Taylor Swift Eras Concert

Taylor Swift Eras Tour 123

Taylor Swift’s self-titled album era marked her debut as a country queen in the music world. Her style had rural origins and an easygoing, all-American spirit, as she wore her unique curls, a constant stream of cowboy boots, and tones of artsy sun dresses. Wear teal, a flowing sundress, and, of course, a pair of cowboy boots to the Eras Tour.

2. Fearless

Taylor Swift Eras Tour from Fearless

Taylor continued to wear her cowboy boots during her Fearless stage but began to reveal more of the outfits that we see her wearing now with the addition of extra bling, and gold. If the aspect of the show you’re most looking forward to is when she (hopefully) performs Love Story, wear your cowboy boots with glittering gold sequins or a piece with a big amount of fringe.

3. Mauve Maxi Dress

Taylor Swift Eras Tour 2023

Swift’s tour is only in its early stages, however, she has already dressed in a number of brilliant maxi skirts onstage. During her Folkloric performance, the 33-year-old singer looked almost angelic in a mauve Alberta Ferretti gown. The couture chiffon, jewel gown has flutter skirts, a sweetheart neckline, and a lace border.

4. Red

Taylor Swift Eras Tour from Red

Taylor’s Red era featured a great deal more than an odd symbolic scarf and fuzzy knitwear, but the album’s October release has eternally paired it with perfectly fall themes. Taylor plunged into a classic version of herself in 2012, wearing high-waisted shorts, ballerina flats, Keds, and, of course, endless hues of red.

5. 1989

Taylor Swift Eras Tour from 1989

Dazzling bling and bright highlighter colors are expected for swaying to many tracks from Taylor’s filled-to-the-brim pop debut, 1989. You may wear a rainbow bomber jacket and a turquoise skater skirt as Taylor did on her 1989 tour, or opt for hot pink sequins as she did on stage in Arizona.

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6. Lover (2019)


Taylor Swift Eras Tour from Lover

Taylor’s Lover phase began with the most Taylor Swift move in history, a cameo of a snake morphing into a butterfly in her ME! music video, which effectively encapsulates this style in its full. Her two red carpet entrances during the span of time have included a mystical, pastel gown but also an ultra-colorful overcoat gown. Taylor actually got to stage Lover, but you can visualize her dresses being full of glitter, love, rainbows, and butterflies. The serotonin is authentic. The lover is loaded with bubblegum pop music that Taylor has been singing while dressed in iridescent blue, fuchsia, and lavender. Butterfly crop tops or fluffy sequins are perfect and therefore don’t forget to complement them with a heart clutch.

7. Folklore + Evermore


Taylor Swift Eras Tour
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 14: (EDITORIAL ONLY, NO COVERS) In this image released on March 14, Taylor Swift performs onstage for the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards broadcast on March 14, 2021. (Photo by TAS Rights Management 2021 via Getty Images)

Folklore and Evermore both took place during the heart of the lockdown, and her fashion emulated what all the other people were wearing at that moment. Cabincore, cottage-core—whatever you want to call it, it was amazing and ideal for a stylish meander in the woods. The first and only glance we caught of her Folklore red carpet style was the gorgeous flowery gown she wore to the Grammys (and won Album of the Year in), which we’d endeavor to emulate in our concerts dress.

I hope this blog helps you to dress stylishly like your celebrity crush.

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