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Having smooth and whiter skin color can help to strengthen esteem and self-confidence when facing many people. But for people who are born from a non-white race, many things need to be considered to find a way to make the face smooth and white. There are many reasons why some people want to whiten skin. While there are some who still need to find a way to smooth their face. This is because not all skin is created equal.

How the skin can be whitened.

One of the primary causes of skin differences is the racial origin. Genes are the first key to knowing what ways to look for a smooth face. The complexion that the parents had may be the same as the complexion that we have. If our parents needed more ways to smooth and whiten the face, surely we need to go through the same process.

But according to one expert, genes are only the first step in determining skin health. The biggest part of how to smooth the face has to do with everything we do to our skin, be it neglect or care.

Right Food, Rest, and Balance Answer How to Smooth and Whiten the Face

Smooth skin is the first key to fairer-looking skin. No matter how white our skin is, if it is not smooth enough, it will look dark.

Starting a day by eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables allows the skin to have enough moisture reserves for the whole day when it can be exposed to dust, heat, and whatnot.

The right time of continuous rest is a big help so that our skin can regenerate new cells to replace the many skin cells that we don’t realize are dying during the day by what we do to our skin such as repeatedly rubbing it or not. is spreading.


Also according to a study meditation proved to have a good effect on a person with psoriasis to revitalize his skin. Similarly, stress and pressure cause rapid aging and drying of the skin. Make it a habit to find time to think and breathe easily so as not to burden and see on our skin what we are going through.

If using whitening products or whitening drugs and ointments, give it enough time to penetrate the skin. Avoid changing the product for a short period of time as this can end up confusing the skin which can lead to various marks that can further darken it.

Make sure that before using any whitening medicine, consult a doctor first or find out if its ingredients are good for the body. Remember, any facelift method is useless if it doesn’t suit your skin.

How to Smooth and Whiten skin, It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

The popularity of a facelift method is not a basis for it to be effective. There are products that are cheap, but more effective. Being critical, reading and questioning will help. In this way, you not only find the right product, you also ensure that what you buy will not be wasted, so it can be said that you have saved.

Avoiding the Sun, Ways to Smooth the Face

The worst enemy of the skin is the Ultra violet ray. It comes from the sun and is the fastest way to darken and dry out the skin. Prolonged exposure to it can also cause skin cancer.

Be careful of exposure to strong sunlight especially if you are currently using whitening medication or ointment. If exposure is unavoidable it is important to apply an adequate amount of sunscreen lotion that is also of sufficient SPF. You can consult a doctor to find out what size is suitable for your surgery.


Exercise is not a vice

Cigarettes that contain nicotine are also one of the big reasons why skin dries out easily, making it look darker. Similarly, alcohol and any kind of vices have a bad effect on the skin. It will help that instead of getting into a habit, get busy with exercise. This is an effective method of sweating that is very moisture free.

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Ways to Smooth and Whiten the Face, You Can Do at Home

One of the reasons why the skin looks dark is the accumulated impurities such as blackheads in our pores or skin holes. It is helpful to be exposed to the steam of the boiled water once in a while to open these pores and the sweat will push the impurities out.

The ability of milk to whiten the skin and the ability of cucumber to soften it is also one of the ways to smooth and whiten the face. This can be done every night before going to bed. Just soak the sliced ​​cucumber in milk for a moment and gently rub it on the face up to the neck. Let it soak for a few minutes before rinsing completely. The skin will feel tight while it soaks in, while the softness will remain after rinsing.

For freckles or skin impurities that cannot be erased, you can mix honey which is an effective skin cleanser, lemon which is whitening and effective in curing skin problems, and olive oil which is an effective softener. Apply it on the skin with cotton and soak for twenty minutes before rinsing. Do it nightly for softer, smoother, and whiter skin.

Don’t forget, more than the ability and effectiveness of drugs on how to smooth and whiten the face, persistence, and persistence to do them is the real key to your desired results.

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