Wanna’ Scarf?

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Wanna scarf, so let’s go scarfing! Wearing a scarf is usually my finishing touch. Whether it’s work, school, the movies, or the park, a scarf always completes my outfit, regardless of the weather.

Scarves are seasonal. They come in all sizes and have a wide variety of designs that you can choose from. Just to name a few, there are winter scarves, silk scarves, blanket scarves, summer scarves, Turkish scarves, and even handwoven scarves. It’s about the Color, the fabric, the design, the feel, the touch, the edges, and the choice, that’s always yours.

Scarves are definitely a complementary addition to any outfit. I happen to love wearing scarves, especially the ones that exude exquisite class and style.

A scarf can make a simple or plain combination stand out and any colored scarf can beautify any all-black or all-white-colored clothing.  

Although some scarves may be of heavier and thicker fabric, they add the same pizazz to your attire. However, knowing how to wear the scarf is also a worthwhile skill to develop. There are numerous videos online, that teach you how to tie and wear your scarf.

Knowing how to throw or drape your scarf, can make or break your overall look. It’s imperative that you play around with it while you’re in front of the mirror for the best fall.

***Nothing can crash an outfit, like a beautiful and matching scarf, draped the wrong way.


The technique involves understanding the attire and utilizing the scarf accordingly. It’s all about highlight.

scarf silk
scarf 45

Although wearing a scarf can be sentimental and expressive, it can also be worn for political and religious purposes, stemming from its background. Scarves have history and many blogs were written about that, but understanding why scarves stood the test of time, would explain its evolution, to becoming a fashion trend.

Whether it’s a scarf or a shawl, draping is the key. Being unisex, scarves are draped slightly differently among men and women. Usually, men let their scarf hang loosely, and in some cases, they drape around the neck and behind. The appropriate draping of a scarf, definitely adds to the outfit and highlights it.

scarf red

Larger scarves tend to be more versatile. There are creative ways to innovate the use of larger scarves, and many online videos that give step-by-step instructions about utilizing larger and rectangular or square scarves as skirts and tops. The trick is knowing how to hold it and fold it.

Check out this cool video, that shows you just how to do it.

Courtesy: https://pin.it/3qCeEOZ

Like many things, there are always creative tricks and hacks that can make all the difference, when going from one use to too many uses. It’s all about the talent and the thought. So the next time you plan on throwing away one of your scarves, because it’s old or just too thick or too heavy for around your neck, reconsider, and choose alternative ways to put it to use. It might save you a trip to the store.

By Tricia Brown

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