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The question is which is better or more important for you, Vitamin E or Glutathione? As we know vitamins are an essential part of our diet. Everyone needs vitamins for maintaining a healthy life and radiant look. There are 6 vitamins out of which two are water-soluble vitamins (B, C) and 4 are fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) we can take them through medication but one should know the best way to attain through as it remains long lasting in our body. In this post, I will try to help you settle the debate.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant it helps to clear the skin and make it flawless but there is no role to make the skin whiter through it as it brightens the skin by clearing the skin.


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 so one should know its role before using it  because the world is showing the functions according to the need of time so one should also have knowledge about everything it lightens the skin complexion by clearing skin but it can’t change complexion and color to that extent where a person of very dark complexion becomes like a very lighter tone complexion According to some researchers there are certain results that multivitamins taking through medication have no effect on the body but I don’t have any point of view like that as everyone has it open choice

Glutathione is also an antioxidant so its function is the same as vitamin E  . Antioxidants help to prevent the risk of CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES (CVS) Antioxidants prevent injuries in microcells as both are antioxidants so its an open choice for you whether you go for vitamin E or Glutathione

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The best-recommended diet for vitaminE or glutathione is: food rich in vitamin E is almonds, pumpkin, red bell peppers, sunflower oil, safflower oil, and soya bean oil

Curing something with diet is better than curing that thing with medications

As hypocrites the father of medicine said:



It means to make your diet so healthy that you don’t need any medicine take that diet which is rich in that thing which your body lacks suppose a person has vitamin C deficiency so instead of taking pills we know lemon and other citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C so one should take or add lemon and other citrus fruits like grapefruit,  oranges, etc. in his diet to cure vitamin C deficiency so is the case in other deficiencies and its an excellent way of curing as it is a more long-lasting more functioning more appropriate way of curing Nowadays in the market many serums are also available so one should also use that because by taking diet we can heal internally and to some extent externally also but applying serums is also good.  A skincare routine also plays a major role in maintaining the beauty

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By Zablon Owino

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