Vintage & Modern Inspired Look Book 2022


A lot of people are admiring a Vintage inspired look. Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn are a few celebrities who captured the heart of people who loves fashion. They become a Vintage Inspiration in fashion and style to many and they contributed so much to the world of fashion

Modern Inspired Fashion and Style has a lot to offer as well. As the world evolves, fashion changes and the tastes of women change as well when it comes to styling themselves. 

Vintage Fashion & Style

Vintage Fashion & Style
Vintage Fashion & Style 2
Vintage Fashion & Style 3

Women in the Vintage fashion usually wore a dress paired with a fashionable hat or maybe an umbrella perhaps. They are also conscious when it comes to mixing and matching the color of their outfits and if you noticed their hair is well fixed as well as their makeup.


Vintage Fashion & Style 4

If not a dress, they wore Wide-leg high-waisted pants paired with their boots or heels. This look is never out of style up to these days. They paired the pants with a fitted conservative top and sometimes put some extra jewelry. Women in Vintage fashion also loves wearing sunglasses as well as a scarf to cover up their head.

Parties are also a thing in the year the 1930s up to now. It’s just that in a vintage fashion, wearing a gown with gloves is a must for women. Being prim and proper is a must too.

Modern Inspired Fashion & Style 

Modern Inspired Fashion & Style 
Modern Inspired Fashion & Style 2
Modern Inspired Fashion & Style 3

As a new world is changing, fashion and styles are evolving to a new change as well. Showing too much skin and wearing a dress without a petticoat is on trend as well as wearing a corset is not a must anymore.

Modern Inspired Fashion & Style 4
Modern Inspired Fashion & Style 5
Modern Inspired Fashion & Style 6

In the modern world, wearing sexy gowns at a party is not new to women who want to express themselves more. Going to a party does not mean wearing a gown as well (it depends if there’s a dressing code) but for many, they usually go for a casual yet elegant look.


The vintage and Modern worlds of fashion and style are very different. Yet we give it a spice to satisfy ourselves. We style ourselves the best way we can to look wonderful and beautiful.

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