Various Turtleneck Styles

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Get familiar with the various turtleneck styles, from the iconic Audrey Hepburn stylish design to the lace turtleneck dress favored in luxury cocktail events, and stock up on your winter wardrobe essentials without going out of style.

Turtleneck Styles

Ever ponder the origin of this kind of sweater? The history of the turtleneck can be traced back to Queen Elizabeth I’s reign in the 15th century. This style, which used to be more intricate than the simple pattern we are all familiar with today, was greatly loved by the Royal members of England. Turtlenecks had a significantly ruffled neckline during that time. One’s rank was reflected in the volume and size of the ruffles. The wealthier the person, the more ruffled the neckline. Additionally, it was a great technique to cover up any bothersome skin conditions that can develop on the neck.

For many years, turtlenecks were the epitome of fashion. They were a well-liked food among working-class people in the late 1800s. This stylish item was first incorporated into sportswear by English polo players in the 1860s. Consequently, the British began referring to turtlenecks as having a “polo neck,” coining the phrase.



When in doubt, choose a traditional turtleneck. When mega-Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn wore a sleek black turtleneck with trendy skinny jeans in a movie, this sort of clothing gained widespread notoriety. Following that, several fashion magazines and runway ramps featured this look.

Classic turtlenecks often have a small, slim neckline and are body-fitting. They go well with a variety of outfits, including tights, jeans, and skirts. This adaptable sweater has contributed significantly to raising the bar in the fashion world over time. In the winter, you can wear a dress over your preferred turtleneck. On a frigid winter day, this can be the finest outfit for a casual outing. Consider wearing a thin turtleneck to avoid appearing larger.



If you want a piece of clothing that speaks to you personally, go for a cowl neck sweater. When worn with a draped neckline, a cowl-neck style garment can make you seem stunning and flatter a variety of body shapes. A cowl neckline with the appropriate alterations can help a tiny chest gain volume.

You must appropriately style this type of turtleneck dress or sweater if you want to get a striking appearance. Remember that a cowl neckline is voluminous, which is why it can be too much for your figure. Add a belt to your clothing for a flattering fit. This will highlight your trim waist.

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