Vancouver Fashion Week: Where Creativity Meets The Catwallk-FW October

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Undoubtedly, Vancouver Fashion Week is like a tradition that started in 2001. Now this week is going to bang again. Moreover, all people in the fashion world are descending towards Vancouver, Canada.

Furthermore, designers and models are gathering to be vibrant this week. However, this is going to start on 16th of October, I`m going to discuss some pre-details.

Here are some details of this fashion week;

  • An International Run-way:

Firstly, it is already known that this runway is an International extravaganza. Secondly, it is a global fashion hub where you can experience all the fashion from the whole world. Thirdly, it is not wrong to call it an International platform as designers from the whole world are participating in it.

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  • Centered Global Talents:

First of all one of the best things about this fashion week is that it gathers established designers from around the world. Secondly, the owner of this event is quite dedicated to their work. Moreover, they highlighted the emerging fashion. Furthermore, this week it is expected that they will fuse culture and aesthetics. No doubt, this week will be a fun week.


Vancouver Fashion Week 1

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  • Trend Watch; Global Chic:

Firstly, we all are aware that it launches eco-friendly fashion. Thus, this October there is going to be no difference. Moreover, this week it is “Sustainable Global Chic”. Furthermore, Vancouver Fashion Week involves the following motos;

  1. Firstly, Upcycling and Vintage
  2. Secondly, Ethical Production
  3. Thirdly, Zero-Waste Design
  4. Fourthly, Transparency
  5. Lastly, Circular Fashion

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  • Concepts its Covers:

Subsequently, Vancouver Fashion Week involves the following concepts;

  1. First, it says “Where East Meets West”
  2. Second, “Brazilian Flair”
  3. Third, “Middle Eastern Elegance”
  4. Fourth, “Japanese Avant Grade”
  5. Fifth “The Homegrown Talent”
  6. Last but not least “Fashion Diplomacy”

Vancouver Fashion Week 4

  • Spotlight on innovative Designers:

  • Maria Gracia; The First one

Firstly, she is a Brazilian designer. Secondly, she usually prefers American Culture in her work.

  • Akihiko Kikawa; The Second one

Firstly, he is a Japanese Designer. Secondly, his runway is always a combination of creativity and imagination.

  • Malik Al-Abdullah;

Firstly, he is a Saudi Arabian Designer. Secondly, he always gave his opinion on what should be worn.

Others include; Yara Elias, Li Wei, Sophia Mendez, etc.

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Author: Dr. Rabia Syeda

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