Vancouver Fashion Week: Highlights of 2023 Fall/Winter-Apirl Edition

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As I already discussed Vancouver Fashion Week is a historical event. Furthermore, it has been taking place since 2001. This is my other blog on this topic. However, I am going to tell you more unique things about this event. Furthermore, it was held in April. Moreover, it is abbreviated as VFW.

Here is the detail of this fashion week;

  • The Day 1:

Firstly, it was stated with the motto of sustainability. Secondly, it was claimed that it will be eco-friendly. Moreover, the designers displaced the bamboo, hemp, and recycled fabrics. Here is a picture that represents their motto;

Vancouver Fashion Week 34567

  • The Day 2:

Firstly, it is known as the “Global Tapestry of Fashion”. Secondly, designers from all around the world promoted their cultural influences in the form of fashion.

Vancouver Fashion Week 1

  • Day 3:

Firstly, on this day they represented the diversity of events. Secondly, they tell us that it is not only diverse but also inclusive.

Summer Dresses

Vancouver Fashion Week 2

  • The Day no. 4:

Firstly, in my opinion, it was a day when they centered talent. Secondly, it was also a testament to their dedication and hard work.

  • Then comes the next three days as;
  • Day no. 5:

Firstly, this day of Vancouver Fashion Week was very hectic. A lot of work especially collaborations was done on this day. Secondly, these collaborations include; designers, industry experts, and artistic, frameworks.

Vancouver Fashion Week 3

  • Day no. 6:

Firstly, on this day of Vancouver Fashion Week they represented fashion as a useful purpose. Secondly, they said that fashion is not about clothing but about representing the environment. Furthermore, a lot of speeches was done regarding the actual meaning of fashion.

Vancouver Fashion Week 4

  • Day 7:

In addition to this,  all tasks on this day represented three more things. These things include; workshops, panel discussions, and networking events. Moreover, they spotted a light on the future of fashion as an emerging landscape.


Vancouver Fashion Week 5

  • Day 8:

Last but not least, on this day of Vancouver Fashion Week they empathized on repurposing and recycling the clothes. Moreover, it event was a reflection of creativity. Furthermore, it is believed that this fashion has a very positive impact on history. In addition to this, this Vancouver Fashion Week is the celebration of style, artistry, and purpose.

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Subsequently, the idea is that fashion should be like that that represents and reflects our culture, our values, and our commitment to a better life.

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Author: Dr. Rabia Syeda

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