Valentine’s Day Special: Best Promise Rings For You And Your Loved One

promise rings
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Valentine’s Day is regarded as a day of love and romance throughout the world. Celebrated universally on 14 February every year, Valentine’s Day celebration is characterized by heart-shaped balloons, red roses, soft teddies, love confession greeting cards, sweet chocolates and kisses exchanged between couples, and how can we forget the love idol Cupid, the most loved winged angel?

So, when love is already in the air, it’s the perfect time to get on your knees to confess your heartfelt feelings to your sweetheart and what’s the better way to do that if not with promise rings? Get your hopes up with a promise ring for Valentine’s Day and make your girl fall in love with you even harder.

promise rings
a man proposing to a girl with a diamond ring

Promise Rings in Trend

Romantic relationships go through several phases. From courtship to confession and engagement to wedding, each phase fills the gaps and bridges the differences between the couple. With confession being the most crucial phase in a romantic relationship, promise rings are the ultimate charmers exchanged between couples as a “yes” to a love confession. And this is why your promise ring needs to be one of the most sentimental purchases of your life.

Classic Solitaire Promise Rings

Solitaire rings are timeless motifs cherished for their simplicity, versatility, and elegance. One of the most favored ring designs among masses and classes, solitaire rings feature a single center stone studded on a plain or pave metal band. The centerstone can be a classic round or oval-cut diamond or it could be a fancy-cut colored gemstone. If you are eyeing for a solitaire promise ring then a genuine ruby ring with a heart-shaped centerstone or an emerald promise ring with an evergreen emerald-cut will rock the party.

Eternity Promise Rings

You can root for a “yes” from your lady love with an eternity ring, an ageless token of everlasting love between two individuals. A string of dainty gemstones circling the ring promises to give off a sparkling & sophisticated look & feel. You can either go for a band of colorful stones or choose to stick to a single variety, but this is not going to modify the deep symbolism behind the ring. You can either go for a full eternity ring for an embellished look or keep your purchase under the budget with a half-eternity ring.

Two-Stone Toi Et Moi Promise Rings

Want to add an antique design to create a contemporary flavor? Go for a Toi Et Moi ring featuring two gemstones with the same or different gemstone cut and variety. Toi Et Moi stands for “You & Me” and hence makes a perfect gemstone bling for love confession. It symbolizes the union of two individuals each represented by one of the two stones on the ring. Toi Et Moi rings come in several designs and are increasingly becoming popular among celebrities as well as commoners.

Colored promise rings
 a diamond eternity ring, a ruby solitaire ring, and a three-stone emerald ring 

Trilogy Promise Rings

Keep your love and luck locked forever with a trilogy ring featuring a gemstone trio. Three-stone engagement rings are already popular but who says you can’t offer one as a promise ring to your lady love? Such rings feature a cluster of three gemstones with the center one often being bigger than the side ones, though all the three stones can also be identical in shape, size, and variety. But what’s even more pleasing is the symbolism behind these rings. Did you know that the three stones in trilogy rings are symbolic of the wearer’s past, present, and future?


Personalized Promise Rings

Want to make your confession extra special? Think about how you can make your promise ring stand out and make it a more sentimental affair. Well, the answer lies in designing a custom ring for your sweetheart. Get your initials or date of proposal engraved on the ring or give a boost to your fruitful future with a birthstone ring featuring both of your birthstones.


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