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Denim is a type of clothes fabric that is recently and lastly much famous and the most used and worn fabric material in the world. It is a firm durable twilled usually cotton fabric woven with colored warp and white filling threads, a similar fabric woven in colored stripes.

Denim, as we know it today, originated in 1860, when Levi Strauss & Co., which was making work pants out of a stiff canvas fabric, added serge de Nîmes to its product line at the request of customers wanting a softer, less chafing fabric. (Google)

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Today, I am going to share an example of denim fabric used in different types of wearing clothes. It’s used for jeans, pants, tops, shirts, jackets, sneakers, western clothes even in slippers as well.

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Denim started its journey from low waist Jean or Jeans with single buttons which is also trendy and as well as stay always. Firstly, Many brands started to make fit, tight, and figure showed jeans and pants.

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Gradually, many types of denim jeans and pant for both gender produce and comes onto market and buy by everyone. The high waist several button jeans are produced and sold or bought all over the world.

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How the denim fabric is going to be famous and the quantity and quality increase the utility of this fabric. After this, denim jeans for men and women also started to produce, and many kinds of jackets produce for wearing on several outfits like jeans, suits, crop tops, and so on.

We also see the cargo fashion with frills and different patterns made by denim mixture. Recently, Pooja Hedge become a celebrity of reflection because of her denim cargo dress-up.


Now, the outfit pattern has increased and we see many celebrities in different types of gowns and Western dresses up, such kinds of dresses produce some changes in design pattern and stitching style.

We also see and wear sneakers made from denim fabric. The sneaker is made of denim having comfortable, flexible and stretchable, and also strong. The only lack of quality is that we can’t wear it in the rainy season.

We see many other accessories and daily used clothes and materials which have been made from a mixture of denim fabric i.e. purses, bags, hairbands, hats, and many other accessories.

Except for these things, denim also uses in many other ways like sandals, earrings, and decorative tools as well.

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