Unveiling the Hidden Wonders: 9 Powerful Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

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One of the hardest and fastest-acting gems is the natural blue sapphire also called the Neelam stone. This gemstone is ruled by the great Lord Saturn and has the potential to either make or break the life of the bearer. Therefore, sufficient care must be taken to ensure that the proper kind of blue sapphire is worn in the proper manner at the proper time to prevent missing out on the benefits and avoiding the negative consequences.

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According to Vedic astrology, the original blue sapphire is one of the most potent gems on earth. It can boost a person’s social and financial status and bring rapid success. It is common knowledge that this stone possesses therapeutic and preventative properties that impact a wearer’s destiny.

It is believed that a person longing for long-run success, having a misfortune for a longer period, and wanting to transform their lives with Neelam stone.

Before wearing the Neelam gem, assistance and confirmation from the astrologer is a must. Consult any renowned astrologer to know if wearing the blue sapphire stone will be a boon or a bane to you.

What are the benefits of wearing a certified blue sapphire gem?

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1. Instant effect of Blue Sapphire

Immediately after wearing it, blue sapphire effects become apparent.

2. Saturn’s calming impact

Because of its association with Saturn, this stone acts magnificently, particularly during transits of Saturn like the Sade Sati.

3. Keeps foes at bay

The Neelam gemstone’s protective nature causes it to operate like a wall, keeping all evils away.

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4. Improves decision-making capability-

Wearing this stone strengthens a person by bringing about clarity of intellect and expression and assisting with better decision-making in difficult situations.

5. Improved energy flow

The energy flow in the body, intellect, and heart is improved by the blue sapphire on its wearer.

6. Excellent healing power

The authentic Neelam gemstone has excellent healing properties and a calming effect on the senses.

7. Boosts positivity

Because of its steady characteristics, blue sapphire can gradually vanquish negativity and increase one’s level of positivity.

8. Wealth gain

One of the obvious advantages of wearing blue sapphires is that it brings in wealth. Not just that, it elevates bad luck, bringing it to the forefront.

9. Enhances concentration and meditation skills

The Neelam gemstone offers immediate benefits and makes it easier to concentrate and meditate, making life much more tranquil. Due to this effect of the gem, it is known as a healing crystal.

Price of blue sapphire gem

Real blue sapphire is valuable due to its fragility and potential as a gemstone for jewelry. Due to their astrological significance, the prices of these stones outside India range from 100$ per carat, to between 1200$.


Based on the various manufacturing processes, the methods employed to produce the final product, and everything that takes place between the start of production and the time the end user consumes the product, prices differ from region to region.

While planning to buy gemstones online, the buyer must look at and verify the stone’s clarity, quality, and certification. The verification of the stones being actual gemstones is necessary. Buyers must know the stone’s looks, quality, clarity, and other essential features to avoid getting into problems or fraud.

Navratan, the online gem bazaar, is a reliable online store that sells high-quality gems and crystals. The gemstones that are sold here are laboratory-tested and verified. The gemstones available here have received their certifications from the GIA, SSEF, etc. So, buying stones with all the essential qualities is now easier.

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