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Understanding the dozens of “core” unique aesthetics will help you articulate specific styles you can Google for pre-shopping inspiration which leads to better purchases and a closet that you’ll actually enjoy.

My first post discussed the first five fashion aesthetics I thought you should know about, from the business Aesthetic down to the minimal Aesthetic. I described them in a way you, my readers will be able to understand what type of aesthetic you represent and how to properly style to your taste.

This post will be discussing five (5) unique and eye-catching aesthetics, and I really hope with this, that you find your true style and learn how to properly express yourself with your style after this post.



this fashion aesthetic as the name implies is about looking “normal” but in a faintly stylized, self-aware kind of way. This fashion aesthetic is some people’s everyday style. Normcore, as it came to be understood in recent times was more about embracing the banality of plainness, of not being alternative, and of not seeking difference to affirm your individuality.

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To be truly normcore, you need to understand that there’s no such thing as normal. According to Aesthetic wiki, “normcore is a trend characterized by unpretentious average-looking clothing”. Normcore is a portmanteau of the words “normal” and “hardcore”.

In the “90s” sitcom f.r.i.e.n.d.s, where actors like David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, and the like styled this type of fashion aesthetic, a combination of polar fleece, stone-washed denim, and comfortable blocky running shoes. Normcore doesn’t want the freedom to become someone, normcore wants the freedom to be with anyone. In normcore, one does not pretend to be above the indignity of belonging.



The slang term “city boy” was defined in the urban dictionary as a male who is living his very best life and chasing the bag at all times without letting hot girls or any female get in the way. If you watched enough K-drama, you’ll see that this fashion aesthetic is popular among these actors.

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Photo credit: Cedric Burgan (Pinterest)

City boy is a fashionable fashion that urban men do, the city boy fashion is based on “trad style” according to NNINE.SHOP, Trad style focuses on beautiful jackets and pants, or broke it a little, and incorporates casual elements. It is a style of dressing simple and standard items in a stylish manner, gaining support regardless of fashion or age.

According to reddit.com, the term city boy was famously coined by POPEYES “magazine for city boys”. It’s a look that reinterprets elements of American prep, French/British work wears, skater culture, and hints of Scandinavian minimalism with distinctly Japanese silhouettes. There is a severe lack of content regarding this specific look/aesthetic at least on the English-speaking fashion spheres of the internet.


This fashion aesthetic is described as outdoorsy, the idea is that nothing is more stylish than clothes that are actually not stylish. This aesthetic takes pieces that weren’t meant to be fashionable and intentionally style them to create a “look”.

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Gorpcore focuses on utilitarian (a.k.a useful, rather than attractive) clothing that was designed to help you hike steep terrain, keep the rain and chill out when camping, and carry around all of the necessary suppliers for your nature-based activity for fashion.

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Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and A$AP Rocky to Justin and Hailey Bieber have gotten in on the gorp-core trend. According to seventeen.com, these are some gorp-core brands you can check out, the north face, Patagonia, free people, Teva, Columbia, mountains hardware, etc. Surprisingly, a lot of gorp-core brands are simply outdoor hiking and camping gear clothing brands.


Villain era became a popular term on TikTok earlier last year, it describes people proudly proclaiming their decisions to put up boundaries, end toxic relationships and jobs, embrace their sexuality and put themselves first for a change. The term “villain” does not make these people actual villains, in our patriarchal society, whenever a woman does something that doesn’t make a man happy, it holds power.

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Photo credit: @st.einberg (Instagram)

If you spend a plausible amount of time on any social media platform from early 2022 till date you may have come across the villain-era aesthetic. For these women, being a villain means embracing the negativity and judgment from others that comes from saying “no” to People, and living your life unapologetically, and this idea is implemented in their style.

How to dress for your villain era?

Elements of villain-era fashion include plenty of leather, black clothing, and chains. Invoice your favorite villain with long, skin-tight dresses, cutout outfits, and playing with corsets and lace-up designs. Basically,  embrace whatever makes you feel fierce and technically dangerous.

The villain-era aesthetic says more about how you present yourself and how you want people to accept your decision to always do you. So henceforth DO YOU!



As the name suggests, this aesthetic revolves around dressing like a kid, including all the fun colors and nostalgic prints that come with it. You’ll see a lot of rainbow clothing; items from brands like barbie, Nickelodeon, and Beanie babies; and a general whimsical vibe.

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Photo credit: kaicollective.com

Matt star, a media artist who created a collection of apparel inspired by baby clothes; coined the term kid core. The designs began with a laid-back and playful aesthetic that other brands do not often provide. While its origin can be traced back to the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s, it appears the aesthetic is a nostalgia-based creation of the 2010s.

   These five (5) aesthetics are beautifully unique and as I love to say a person’s fashion style says a lot about their personality. Thank you.

Cover Image Credit: kaicollective.com

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