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Lipsticks have advanced to the point where we can now personalize our appearance based on skin tones and shades. Various brands have endured various processing stages to achieve the perfect shade and pigmentation. Unlike traditional red lipsticks, modern lipsticks incorporate various fruits and flavors, essential oils, and other ingredients to moisturize, nourish, and make your lips pout-ready. Furthermore, a wide variety of lipstick shades are available on the market, ranging from dominant red lipstick to neutral shade lipstick. They also come in matte or shimmery finishes to keep them glowy or blend with skin color. Continue reading to learn more about their evolution!


Makeup was a symbol of status in ancient civilizations, and both men and women wore it. Makeup had medicinal as well as aesthetic appeal. The Sumerian civilization is credited with being the first to use lipstick. Naturally occurring substances such as fruits, henna, clay rust, and, of course, insects were used to create the stain. Mesopotamian women were more refined, and they used terrain precious jewels to add colour and shimmer to their lips.

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Egyptians may have been the first true lipstick lovers. Magenta and black were popular accent colours. They obtained colour from unusual sources, such as carmine dye, which was abstracted from ground cochineal insects. Carmine dye continues to be utilized in lipsticks and other cosmetics. However, Egyptians used hazardous substances such as lead and a bromine and iodine mixture, which can cause serious illnesses or even death.

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With arrival of Christianity and puritanical religious views, the church forbade the use of lipsticks and, for that matter, any makeup. Women wearing lipstick were assumed of being sorcerers and witches because their lips were red. Aside from prostitutes, no respectable woman wore colored lips. Lip salves, on the other hand, were famous and acceptable. To make their lips appear redder, women secretly added color to salves or resorted to pinching, biting, or rubbing them with various materials.

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During Queen Elizabeth’s reign in England, the lipstick reappeared. She popularized pale white skin and red lips, but their availability was limited to noble ladies or stage actors and actresses. Lipstick was still available to actors and prostitutes for about three centuries after that.

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During her coronation in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II formed her own shade. The shade was named ‘The Balmoral’ after Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite cosmetics brand, Clarins. Her coronation robe was the same color.

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Aren’t you fascinated to discover the past of a makeup product you’ve always used? Lipsticks have undergone massive transformations over time. Manufacturers have provided us with a wide variety of lipstick shades and colors. These products are therefore available in a variety of textures, finishes, and shapes to meet our specific requirements. We are confident that the next time you take a peek at the lipstick in your handbag, you will remember its incredible journey and evolution.

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