Types of Sweaters-1

types of sweaters
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While It’s cooling down here I am happy to see the temps starting to drop. So I have described some basic types of sweaters to make your winter shopping easy.

Cropped knitted sweaters

We all know that if someone is short in height then she can go for crop tops that’s same for sweaters , if you are Short in height then will look pretty in cropped knitted sweaters. You can pair it with jeans or shorts or a short skirt.


types of sweaters

2  Cable knit sweaters

You can pair a cable knit sweater with Jean’s and sneakers or shorts will also pair with it, you can go for a mock neck cable knit sweater also.

types of sweater cable knit

3  Mock neck sweaters

You can pair mock neck with blazers and jeans , black mock neck can be your first choice, u can style it with a short skirt also.

types of sweaters mock neck

4   Long cardigan sweaters

Long cardigans are definitely back in fashion. If u r long in heights u can definitely go for long cardigan

5  Cardigan sweaters

You can pair a cardigan with any kind of clothes. Some people think that cardigans are aged people and it’s a little bit true. Cardigans will only give you a simple look 😕.cardigan are not in fashion nowadays.

6  Batwing sweaters

Whether you’re short or long or fat or any other type you can wear batwing sweaters. And the best part of it is, it will be never out of fashion😉. There are 3 types of batwing sweaters .1 cropped batwing, 2 mock neck batwing, 3  simple batwings.

 7   fuzzy sweater

fuzzy sweaters are also called eyelash yarn, it gives you a fur-like look. If you want a fuzzy sweater then always go for light colors. Its fur will not be highlighted in dark colors.

   In my next blog, I will share a few more types of sweaters.

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By Vidisha Solanki


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