Types of Coats 101: How to Keep Warm and Stylish?

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Choosing the right coat for winter is essential to stay stylish and warm. Although, there are many types of coats for styling. But you still remain confused about which one you should wear. Hence, the type of coat you choose depends upon your needs.

For example, for rain, there is a different coat called a raincoat. Similarly, for sunny days they are different. Here is a brief explanation of these coats;

The Classic Trenched Coat:

Firstly, there is a brief history of this coat that was designed for military use. Furthermore, it also has a feature that its waist is belted. No doubt, it is one of the best type of coat that keep you warm. Moreover, you can wear them on both casual and formal occasions.

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Firstly, this coat has water resistance. Secondly, it is made from cotton and wool.


The Cozy Puffer Coats:

We can call them “down jackets” too. They are beautiful however, we can wear them only in extreme cold. Furthermore, many sports companies are trying to prepare waterproof coats. Moreover, they provide the best insulation in the freezing season. Lastly, the deep crimson color of the puffer coat suits everyone.

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Firstly, this coat has a blend of comfort and duality. Furthermore, they keep you warm and cozy.


The Trendy Pea Coat:

Firstly, its origin is from the 16th century. Secondly, it is considered an essential fashion of today. Furthermore, people like to wear olive colors. However, according to me, dark charcoal gray is arguably a better option. Moreover, it is typically for casual wear. But you can also wear it in formal places.

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Firstly, it has an olive color that is preferred by many people. Secondly, they have a heritage and offer style.


The Chic Parka:

However, parka is also a coat. But many people think that it is not a coat. According to them, if a coat is longer than the hips then it is a parka. Moreover, it also has a hood and sometimes fur. Furthermore, it is a perfect blend of style and comfort.

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Firstly, they have the ability to provide extreme warmth. Secondly, they are sophisticated with neatness.


The Classy Wrap Coat:

Besides, all the coats mentioned above I love this coat very much. Because they lack zippers and buttons. And you could easily wear them by just wrapping the belt around your body.

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Firstly, these coats are easy to wear. Secondly, they have the ability to provide a minimal yet chic look.


The Reined Overcoat:

Firstly, the best thing about these types of coats is that you can wear them everywhere. Either in a formal suit or any casual appeal. Moreover, this overcoat protects against harsh weather.

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Firstly, wearing them is as simple as they look. Secondly, these types of coats are designed to be worn on outfits. As their name describes them “overcoat”


Lastly, in this blog, we have explored different types of coats and their purposes. Furthermore, how to slay them! Hope you like them.

Author: Dr. Rabia Syeda

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