Turn your unused pants into a Classy and Aesthetic bag!


Turning your unused pants into a bag!

Bags from Unused pants
Tote bag created from unused pants

Do you have unused pants kept inside your closet? Thinking of dumping it? Why don’t you turn it into a bag?

Continuous spending on cheap clothes or garments is only possible because of a constant reduction in production costs. Do you know that this can cause serious effects on our planet and the lives of garment workers?

turning this into bag
Fashion waste from chile

Fashion Waste? 

Fashion waste is costing the global economy more than $400 billion every year, according to a recent World Economic Forum report.

This is just the start of the economic impact of fashion waste. 

Beyond economic loss, fashion waste leads to environmental disasters. 


Let’s understand more! 

A lot of the clothing waste comes from manufacturers 13 million tons of textiles each year – and from clothing retailers themselves.

MANUFACTURERS overproduce the supply of clothing, and retailers end up overstocked – as the season change,  the unsold supply ends up thrown away in landfills.

Before you throw your pants away for any reason, there are a few things you need to consider. The textile and fashion industries create a large chunk of the pollution that currently destroys our environment every year.

The cycle of throwing away and buying new pants is one reason things have become so bad. it can contribute to climate change and may destroy our environment.

It may cause Air Pollution and Water Pollution.


And now, let us proceed on how to turn your unused pants into a classy and aesthetic bag!

Here are the steps on how can you turn your unused pants into classy or aesthetic bag:

Step no. 1

> Prepare a Scissor, Sewing Thread and your Unused pants and your Beads or anything you want to use as a designing materials.

step 1 on turning your unused pants into classy or aaesthetic bag
Materials being used.


Step no. 2

After preparing your tools and materials, start with cutting the middle of  the pants according to your desired width.

Be careful when cutting the pants, it may be harmful!


Step no. 3

After the cutting process. Start sewing the cutted part of your pants. But first, turn it into the inned portion, and start sewing.

And THAT’S IT! we now have our bag, but it is not finished yet. We need to craft the handle of the bag using the trump part earlier.

For more detailed process,

Watch this video:

After watching the video, You can now have a classy and aesthetic bag from unused pants.



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