Trust Yourself, Trust Your Style

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When it comes to styling, we sometimes have doubts about our clothing choices because we feel it’s too much for the place we are going to go but hey! That’s an easy problem to solve with.

Picking up clothes for your outfit of the day may be a little too tough, especially if you don’t have the guts to make twist your style. So here’s what you should know to boost your confidence in trusting yourself when it comes to styling.

Trust Yourself, Trust Your Style

#1: Know The Venue 💡

Trust Your Style: know the venue
Trust Your Style: know the venue 2

The first thing that you should know about before heading up to choose an outfit and styling them is to know the venue or the place you are going to. You must dress according to the event so that your outfit will match the place you’re in and you will not feel embarrassed or out of place. For example, if you are going to church, wear something appropriate like a Dress that will not show too much skin, or perhaps if you want to look classy yet casual maybe you can wear something like Trousers or Wide Leg Pants paired with a Top on Heels or Flat Shoes. Church or any place to pray should be respected whatever religion you are.

Now, if the event you are going to go to is a Garden Wedding as a guest then maybe you can wear a classy yet elegant Dress according to your taste. Whatever you feel like wearing as long as you are comfortable and happy about it that’s fine.

#2: Picking The Right Outfit 💡


Trust Your Style: picking the right outfit
Trust Your Style: picking the right outfit 2

It is easy to pick the right and the best outfit when you know how to mix and match the color of your outfits. The trick is to know your style. Ask yourself this, “What Style Suit You?”. Are you the kind of woman who set rules on sticking to only one Style as your signature? Or are you the type of woman who wants to explore different styles?

Whatever your preferred Style is always remember to pick the right outfit as well as the colors. As you choose your outfit, don’t forget to choose some accessories as well. It will add glamour to the whole look. Above all, you should trust your style and never doubt it because it might be a little weird to others or too much or simple to other people but know that it is your style and it’s good to be different.

#3: Be Confident, Trust Yourself, And Trust Your Style! 💡


Trust Your Style: be confident
Trust Your Style: be confident 2

Last but certainly not least is to be confident and trust yourself! I know a lot of women who are still shy about showing their real selves and it leads to being awkward especially if you are at a party or somewhere wherein there are a lot of people. And if that happened, it would be a waste of your outfit as well as your time preparing for that event. That is why being confident is always important! But how do you achieve confidence? Simple, Trust Yourself, girl! That’s the key, Trust!

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