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I have listed three common flaws that mostly bothered everyone. It is true that nobody is perfect in terms of appearances, each individual has a unique beauty. Trying to hide your flaws is not a mortal sin. At least you’re not taking or undergo with plastic surgery, just minimizing it for some tricks by using and applying make-up. The real score here is everyone and everything has flaws, you’re just trying to level your best to improve them. So, here are some tips for fixer-up your flaws.



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AVOID: Shading techniques, by using dark blush or powder on both sides of your nose to simplify its shape.

TRY: Smoothing a slick shimmer cream or powder down the bridge of your nose to visually alter its size.

TIPS: Make your lips or eyes the focal point of your face. Go for heavily lined cat eyes or bold red lips.



AVOID: Blush brushes with small heads and produce stripes or that extremely big and windy color all over your face.

TRY: Use a standard-size powder brush to apply blush to your forehead, in the dent of your cheek, and under your jaw to create a slick carve effect. Sure to work in quick, light strokes so that the color will not lay dramatically in one spot.

TIPS: The darker your skin the more tint your blush should have. If your complexion is medium to dark you may substitute bronzer to blush.


AVOID: Overly plucked brows, a wide distance of skin between your upper lash line and your brows will only call attention to how small is your eyes.

TRY: Removing a few extra hairs below the peak of your archers for a lifting effect. Be sure to curl your lashes and layer them with extending mascara.

TIPS: Wear one soft color a golden tone if your complexion is medium to dark, or white if it is fair….all over your eyelid from the lashline to below the brow to keep your eyes from looking inclosed.

In conclusion, Therefore everyone needs to take a good look in the mirror, and not be ashamed of their flaws. After all, there are many tricks and tips just to minimize it or hide it for a while. Learn to love your flaws because everything can be fixed. So flaunt it and do not forget always to wear your beautiful smile and confidence in front of everybody.

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By Bing Cortez

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