Trendy handbag brands

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Many people collect shoes, blouses or jewelry on a daily basis. For others, it’s the bags. There are must-have handbag brands that deliver timeless designs season after season. Although some people are fans of the round bag, the mini bag or the pearl bag, there are also a variety of very trendy handbag brands.

So what are the influential women’s handbag brands of the moment ?

Fendi launched vintage-looking bags in their collections in 1997 from the baguette shape to the delicate beaded bag.

Miyette offers small structured bags with a retro look with their sequins and gingham print.

By Far presents baguette bags which are in the spotlight with the Rachel model, in homage to the character played by Jennifer Aniston in the television series Friends.

Léo et Violette offers bags with clean lines and bucket bags, round or satchel.

Shrimps offers beaded bags and statement accessories.

Where to buy pretty trendy handbags ?

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There are several brands of trendy bags.

Heimat Atlantica


She offers handbags with adorable details, between flowers and heart motifs.

PÖ&ME Paris

POME-Paris handbag brands

It offers models of handbags with original shapes with large golden chains, pastel colors, mini formats.


Longchamp handbag brands

It offers high quality leather goods for bags.


Miyette handbag brands

She offers acid colored bags with a gingham print, which borrows pretty pastel tones.

By Far

By-Far handbag brands

It offers bags from the baguette model to the crocodile-effect minaudière.


Polene handbag brands

Camille Vost

Camille-Vost handbag brands

It offers bags with a character that is as personal as it is timeless.


Shrimps handbag brands

She offers playful pearl bags, bucket bags, round or even shell-shaped.


Leo and Violette

Leo-et-Violette handbag brands

It offers bags with timeless cuts and quality.

Mansur Gavriel

Mansur-Gavriel handbag brands


Yuzefi handbag brands

It offers handbags with bold cuts and vibrant colors.


Staud handbag brands

A brand that stands out for its attention to detail, always with style. She is known for her iconic Sasha model in a crescent moon that is worn on the shoulder.


Louvreuse handbag brands

A brand that makes bags like works of art.

Tammy & Benjamin

Tammy-Benjamin handbag brands

It offers contemporary and timeless bags with vintage codes and with collections that are varied and colorful.


Wandler handbag brands

A brand that offers handbags with an ultra-desirable color palette.


Nowadays, people, for their shopping trips, get shoes, blouses, jewelry or accessories.

Others get trendy handbags including:

Heimat Atlantica, PÖ&ME Paris, Longchamp, Miyette, By Far, Polene, Camille Vost, Shrimps, Leo and Violette, Mansur Gavriel, Yuzefi, Staud, Louvreuse, Tammy & Benjamin, Wandler.

By Lonesky Dumax

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