Trendy guide for Fall Winter Outfits

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Happy New Month Fashionistas! I’m sure we all know the factor that comes with this fall/winter season, (that’s right) COLD! (Laughs) Today, we’ll be looking at a trendy guide for fall winter outfits. The chilly air brings out the search for bundles of clothes for men and women alike…

Fall-Winter Season:

December air, as I like to call this season, is my favorite time of the year because I get to raid my closet and the boutique for amazing hoodies, jeans, and boots. (Winks) The fall-winter season happens from August to the end of January. And seeing as we are already in December, I say it’s time. It’s time to bring out your trench coats, hoodies, cardigans, and long pants because the air is about to drop some more.

Minimalists like myself tend to enjoy the casual simplicity and comfort that fall-winter outfits give me. That is why, I thought, it’d be nice to show you some trending casual outfits for this season. The holidays are here as we all know, and I’m sure we have a lot of things to do in preparation. For example, going shopping for presents, Christmas dresses, party dresses, groceries, etc. Events such as concerts, casual and dinner parties, and weddings, have all been lined up for my December. That is why I very much want to cherish my almost last days of casual simplicity. However, I have every intention of incorporating them into my party outfits. How? Well, let’s find out.



Let’s start with causal outings, shall we? Outings like going shopping, coffee-shop breaks, gaming, or running errands (you know, little casual errands) require simple casual outfits that would enable you to move freely and comfortably, especially for this season. So, take a look at some of these outfit ideas that feed your simplicity and comfort:

1.  Cashmere outfit:

Casual Fall Winter Outfit ideas

We all know this thick fabric is one of the best suited for the winter season, whether it’s the thickest cashmere cardigan or sweater paired with jeans or the full-on cashmere outfit. I love to wear jeans, over my sweaters or a full sweatsuit because it provides the cute, chic but comfy look, I am always going for. Cashmere comes in varieties, so, however, you choose to pair the amazing fabric outfit that should be up to you.

Fall Winter Outfit

For example: pairing a light blue cashmere sweater or hoodie over a pair of dark jeans and black or white sneakers makes you look nice and casual. You can also pair a cashmere sweatsuit with a long cardigan and a pair of white sneakers. Outfits made from this fabric cater to men and women alike.

2. Jeans and sweater:

I know it seems weird that I classified cashmere outfits separately since you can also wear it as a sweater over jeans but (meh) it’s for a reason. However, jeans, especially long pants, have a significant reason during winter. They provide warmth, durability, comfort, and style. So, when jeans are paired with sweaters, during winter, it gives the ultimate simple look for the cold weather. I separated Cashmere outfits from this because cashmere has a variety of full-on ensembles that can be worn during the winter period. 



Fall winter outfit ideas

For example, pairing an ash-colored tweed sweater with dark pants and black Chelsea boots for a guy. This style would make you look winter-kind attractive (wink). For the ladies, try pairing a cute cream wool sweater with white jeans and ankle boots or canvas.

3. Pairing Jacket over hoodies:

Fall winter outfit ideas

One of my favorite ways to pair my hoodie is over joggers. However, when the cold is seeping so much into my skin, I prefer to pair my hoodie with another layer of protection; a jacket. So, for my favorite winter outfit, I style myself in; a pink hoodie and black jeans, with another layer of a black bomber jacket and my favorite black canvas. It is not only casual but this style can be worn for events such as concerts, casual parties, etc. You can also have a sweater instead of a hoodie to give a much simpler vibe.

This style can go in various ways because of the diverse kinds of jackets we have. Did you know that pairing this outfit with transparent rim glasses for guys makes you look attractive? I’m not joking, it brings out a kind of cute nerdy vibe that is super cool. You can choose to pair a sweatsuit with a light blue denim jacket, or a hoodie, joggers, and a shirt jacket. There are various ways to style this outfit to make you look casual and attractive.

4. Trench Coats:

A trench coat is a long, double-breasted coat with a belt and deep pockets. It can be worn over various outfits especially in winter to give you a favorable layer of protection. Pairing your normal casual outfit like jeans and a shirt with a trench coat takes your outfit to another level. The trench coat doesn’t just give a typical casual look but helps improve and enhance it, which is why trench coats are more favorable for business casuals.

5. Sweater dresses:

A sweater dress is what I like to classify as a cute and chic winter outfit. If you are anything like me, you’d know that sitting at home when the air outside is chilly with a cup of coffee in my hand, I prefer to wear a sweater dress. This outfit isn’t just for indoors, but also for casual outings like parties. Pairing a pink turtle neck sweater dress with thigh-high boots gives you a simple cute look. You can also decide to pair a black sweater dress with a brown trench coat and ankle boots along with a black head warmer, and a scarf around the neck, for a business casual look.

7. Skirt and Sweater:

Business casuals or just casuals have a variety of meanings for different people. There are many people who do not like jeans (trousers) and so, opt for gowns or skirts. In winter, the temperature decreases which in turn leads to one’s leg freezing like a popsicle especially if you’re staying out at night. I hate it when my legs are cold, which is why I’m more used to jeans whether hot or cold (lol, that’s just me).


For those who love skirts, it is always a nice combination to pair a knee-length skirt with either a cropped sweater or a long one. Pairing longer skirts with waist-length sweaters and ankle boots is a nice place to start. You can also pair flared skirts with tucked-in turtle neck hoodies and thigh-high or ankle boots.



Weddings and dinner parties are the next-level kinds of event that requires a next-level kind of outfit. For the ladies, I would be writing specifically about dress outfits, while for the guys, it would be how to style the party outfit.


Parties that require you to wear a dress are more like weddings and dinner parties. That is why I would be focusing on that, oh, and also because those are the events I will be attending this month (don’t look at me like that). Winter specifically reduces our search and reasoning for anything that won’t turn us into popsicles, which include long gowns, shawls, cardigans, etc.

1. Long-sleeved evening dresses;

Rocking a black boat-necked, long-sleeved evening dress with knee-high slits and a pair of deep-red pumps for a dinner party, formal or otherwise, is a good way to look like you’re in complete control. Long-sleeved evening gowns are not out of style and can never go out of style because it not only brings out classiness but a sense of moderacy. There are many styles of long-sleeved gowns for weddings or dinner parties. C’mon, who wants to freeze to the ice during a dinner party or winter wedding? Such styles include:


2. Dresses and shawls:

I do not personally enjoy shawls but on a cold night or day, for a party, oh no, I want to be fully prepared, and going with a shawl means a layer of protection. Whether it’s a casual dress or a sophisticated evening dress, shawls are practically the easiest way to escape the cold rather than wearing a jacket.

3. Tailor-sewn outfits:

One thing I love about Ankara and sewing my own style is that I get the freedom to choose whatever style I like. I have a lot of Ankara outfits tailored and sewn to my specific needs; winter, summer, heck even the rainy weather. You can choose to sew trousers or a skirt and a blouse, a coat, a jacket, long-sleeved kimono, etc to a party and look great.

  • MEN

Outfits for men during the winter, especially for weddings, formal events, or dinner parties are more curtailed.

1. Ties and Tuxedos


A man in a tux usually blows my mind especially if that man could pull it off. Formal events and dinner parties during winter tend to make the men more comfortable because the heat won’t bother them. You can choose to pair them with ties or bow ties and essential accessories to make your outfit look sophisticated, classy, and attractive.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.
2. Blazers:

Pairing turtle necks, thick shirts, or t-shirts with blazers is one way to look casually sophisticated at parties or formal events. Blazers give you an edge in the attractive zone and pairing it with the right kind of shoe would top it off as amazing.

3. Trench coat for event outfits.

Trench coats can be worn to many and in any event for winter protection. As a man, a trench coat gives off an attractive vibe even more than that of a tux. Korean movies have made me love the idea of trench coats and how they wear them to events. The men make it look so mysterious and attractive and so, wearing it over a nice shirt, with a turtle neck gives a classy look.

4. Tailor-sewn outfits:

In Nigeria, the best way to beat the cold and attend a wedding party is by having a fabric tailor your outfit. Ankara materials, come in varieties and the thicker ones provide comfort in the cold. You can choose to sew a suit, blazer, long-sleeved outfit, jacket, and more. However, as long as it suits the winter requirements, it should beat the cold.

Fall-Winter outfits range in more ways than these selected few, and because fall exhibits abundance and winter is cold, then I guess it’s time to stock your closet.

In conclusion:

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