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A shirt is a  formal clothing garment that is used to wear on the upper part of the body and basically, it contains a collar, cuffs, a full vertical opening with buttons, and long or short sleeves. The shirt is mostly worn by men along with a necktie under the shirt collar for formal meetings. There are many types of shirts with different brands like Chambray, Classic Short Sleeve Shirt, Cuban Collar Shirt, Office shirts, and many more. Basically, a shirt can be a short-sleeved or long-sleeved garment for the upper body. Shirts are available in different styles, patterns, colors, designs, etc, and are made up of different types of materials.

 1. Denim Shirt:

 Denim shirts are very lovable by people and they never go out of style. Denim shirts are worn with jeans and also can be worn with formal trousers. From the softest blues to the darkest indigos, denim shirting is comfortable, long-wearing, and increasingly versatile. Denim shirts worn with black jeans, white jeans, skinny khakis, and light jeans are an amazing combination. Some of the best denim brands to shop for now and always: are Jack & Jones, Being Human, John Players, Roadster, and Numero Uno.

 2. Overshirt Types of Shirts:


Overshirts are outerwear aspects that are assembled like shirts and worn like sheaths. Basically, we find that overshirts are best worn on top of simple undergarments. As overshirt fabrics are wide and more unbending than a shirt, you should refrain from tucking it in your trousers or rolling up the sleeves. Some overshirts attribute zips, some attribute buttons and some have large pockets open pockets while some don’t have any of these.

 3. Flannel Shirt:

Flannel is a woven fabric made from wool or cotton. Flannel is a soft, medium-weight cotton fabric that has a doze, hazy, finish on one or both sides. If you will do an iron with a wool, synthetic, or cotton setting, ironing a flannel shirt is as easy as switching the setting on the iron.  Mostly flannels shirts are imperturbable by wool or cotton fibers, that are prone to deflate when endangered to heat. If we want to wear it as an overshirt so it should be a little oversized to allow for blending.

 4. Polo Shirt:


A polo shirt is a well-known combination of the endless button-up oxford dress shirt and the much more casual T-shirt. Polo shirts are basically used to worn for golfing, for fashion purposes, as well as, white tie events. Normally, polo shirts are deliberate for more casual occasions and events. Make sure your polo shirt should not too large, A polo shirt should fit nicely and sit no lower than your jean pockets. The Polo shirt is a simple but endless part of clothing. Polo shirts are genderless, which means polo shirts can be worn by everyone.

 5. Cuban Collar Types of Shirts


 The well-known Cuban collar shirt is characterized as an open, notch lapel-like collar, short sleeves, and a straight, boxy hem. Generally, these shirts appear to be available in every color and design imaginable. Switch your white T-shirt with this white Cuban collar shirt with postman pockets to boost your summer style. Cuban collars look amazing with tailored trousers, shorts, under a suit and over a t-shirt, etc.

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By Rivesh Karnwal

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