Traveling this Summer? Don’t Forget these 10 Travel Essentials

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Now that we are slowly going back to normal, everyone is excited to do some summer activities. Summer is a great time to make a bond with our family and friends whether it be going to the beach, picnic, nature tripping, or team building, but before you get too excited don’t forget to prepare these travel essentials.

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What to bring when traveling this summer?

Here are a few important things that you need to pack and take with you when you travel.

1. Few clothes – don’t bring a bunch of clothes because believe me you’re not gonna use all of them.

2. Power Banks or extra batteries – very important to bring a power bank or extra batteries for your gadgets or other battery operated stuff as it will be useful whenever there is now charging station and you need to recharge.

3. Camera – important to bring a camera to capture every moment, though if your mobile has a very good lens then it will do the job.

4. Toiletries – very important to bring your own toiletries though most of the hotels are providing it is still essential to bring. There are travel containers that you buy to repack your lotions, cream, shampoo, or conditioner.


5. Hat & sunglasses – since it’s summer you need to protect yourself from the sun and wearing a hat and sunglasses can help you be more comfortable under the sun.

6. Sunscreen & Sunblock – since you will be enjoying the outdoors most of the time, it is essential to wear your sunscreen or sunblock to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

7. Medications – if you are taking maintenance meds or you have allergies or asthma it is very important not to forget to bring your medications. It is also ideal to bring some emergency meds for headaches or some cream and bandages for wounds.

8. Passport and Visa – if you are traveling abroad don’t forget to bring your passport and visa as the immigration will surely check on them although there are countries that do not require visas so it’s better to check on their website for any travel advisories.

9. Documents – in the new normal it is important to bring your vaccination card, medical clearance, and other documents that might be needed along the way.

10. Cash – very important to bring cash with you as an ATM or bank might not be accessible all the time.

Have fun this summer, we all deserve to be a little tan 🙂

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