Transforming My Look: Embracing Natural Hair and Self-Care

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Hey, everyone! Cynthia here, and I’m excited to share my journey of transformation with you. Join me as I unveil my new look and the story behind it.

Natural Hair Transformation

A year and a half ago, I was a happy mom and wife, enjoying life to the fullest. However, tragedy struck when I lost my next-door neighbor to a severe stroke. Witnessing his suffering left me traumatized and filled with anxiety.

I began to fear for my own health, worrying that I might suffer a similar fate. Seeking reassurance, I consulted a doctor who, unfortunately, misdiagnosed me with high blood pressure, leading to unnecessary medication.

Frustrated with the confusion, I decided to seek a second opinion. The new doctor correctly diagnosed me with severe stress and anxiety, setting me on the path to healing and recovery.

But the most significant step in my healing journey was a personal one: I decided to change my look. For the first time in fourteen years, I bravely cut my natural hair. The results were astonishing—I not only looked great but felt rejuvenated.

Below is my current picture. This is now how I look

Natural Hair Transformation 1

I’m eager to hear your thoughts! Please leave your comments below. Rate my new look compared to my previous picture, and take a guess at my age. One of the best things about my new look is that I no longer need to use relaxers on my hair.


Say Goodbye to Relaxers

Relaxer, a chemical substance used to straighten and soften hair, is commonly used by individuals with African hair textures. African hair is known for being thick, wooly, kinky, and strong.

Natural Hair Transformation 3

Natural Hair Transformation 4

This is what natural African hair looks like. Below are some of the pictures of the relaxers sold in the Nigeria market

Natural Hair Transformation relax

Natural Hair Transformation mega

Unfortunately, relaxers can cause damage to the hair, lead to edge loss, and even burn the scalp. In some cases, it results in hair loss.

That’s why many African women are choosing to embrace low-cut hairstyles and enhance them with various colors, eliminating the need for harmful chemical products.

I will no longer be using these products for now. Also, these chemical products damage the hair and destroy the edges. Oftentimes people’s scalpers get burnt by these products. Sometimes it results in hair loss.

So that is why many women in Africa stick to low cut And spice it up a little bit by dyeing or tinting them with different colors. see the pictures below.

Natural Hair Transformation pink

Natural Hair Transformation 7

They look good right? And they also look younger too. Some like wearing big earrings when they are On low cuts.

Natural Hair Transformation 90

Beautiful right? Ok, while some other people prefers small earrings.share your opinion in the comment section please.


Natural Hair Transformation 78


Do you know that, you can also look so cute on low cuts if you have Your glasses on

Natural Hair Transformation 89

Natural Hair Transformation

Do these ladies look dashing? You see what am talking about.

Do  you know that you can wear any clothes, styles, and designs without getting worried about getting your hair done

Natural Hair Transformation 98


Natural Hair Transformation 86


Natural Hair Transformation 86

Why influencing.

Natural Hair Transformation 090

These natural, tinted haircuts allow you to be yourself, showcasing your true beauty. In Africa, we’re passionate about our fashion and culture, and these hairstyles let our individuality shine.

Please show your support by liking, commenting, and sharing my blog. Follow me for more updates on African fashion. Thank you for joining me on this transformative journey!

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By Cynthia 

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