Transform Your Look: A Styling Guide for Big Hats

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Big hats can completely transform your look in an instant. They can make you look and feel more elegant and stylish, but you need to know what hat to choose and how to wear it. If you usually don’t wear hats, these large ones can even feel intimidating at first.

Lucky for you, we put together this styling guide for big hats, so you can completely transform your look! Keep reading to learn more.

1. Make It a Statement

First, you’ll want to make your new headwear the focal point of your outfit. Big hats demand attention, so you don’t want them to clash with other statement pieces since doing so can make your clothes look too “busy.”

Large hats stand out enough on their own, but you can also try choosing a hat with a striking color or pattern if you want a true statement piece. Pair it with basic, simpler clothing, so the cap can take the spotlight.

You can even transform a hat you already have into a statement piece. To do this, you can add pins, flowers, ribbons, or other decorations to the cap. This option works best when you feel your hat is too plain.

Overall, you need to realize that a large hat automatically becomes the focal point of an outfit when you put it on. That way, you’ll have an easier time styling it.

2. Choose a Hat That Compliments You

Next, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a hat that compliments your face shape and your style. Some good options include floppy sun hats, oversized fedoras, and other wide-brimmed hats.


Start by thinking about your style first. Do you like streetwear, vintage, or casual clothing? Or another type of fashion style? No matter what you love to wear, you’ll find a stylish cap.

Once you know what theme you’re looking for, you’ll want to think about your face shape and choose a flattering hat. Doing this will make you look stunning and feel more confident wearing the hat.

The best way to find your face shape is to measure your face length, jawline, forehead, and cheek width, then compare the results. You can use an online face-shape calculator to make it easier.

Generally, those with rounder faces look better in sharp hats, while those with sharp faces look better in rounder hats. You’ll also want to consider the length of your face so you don’t accidentally choose a hat that makes it look too short. Carefully selecting the position of your hats can help.

Lastly, you should always measure your head before buying a new hat online since you won’t be able to try it on. A well-fitting hat will always look best!

3. Play With the Proportions

Big hats 1

Photo by Anton Chubarov on Unsplash

Big hats can significantly impact your silhouette, so you must consider the proportions of your outfit. Hats with wide brims, such as floppy sun hats, always look great with fitted clothing. You’ll have a more balanced silhouette this way.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

If you choose a hat with a sturdy brim, you can pair it with flowy materials for a different look. The contrast between the cap and your clothes will be very stylish.

So, don’t forget to play with proportions when wearing large hats. You can transform your look this way.

4. Try New Colors and Patterns

When transforming your look, the colors and patterns you wear can considerably impact you. If you want to experiment, choose a large hat with a color that’s out of your comfort zone. You can pair it with clothes in shades that complement it.

These sorts of outfits are more visually interesting than using monochrome colors. However, you can still make stunning monochromatic outfits.

When using patterns, you’ll want to choose a few standout colors from the design to use in the rest of your outfit for cohesiveness.

5. Change How You Wear Your Hair

You can also change up your hair when wearing a big hat. Parting your hair to the side and tucking it behind one ear looks excellent when you wear a wide-brimmed hat at an angle. This creates a unique effect, exposing one side of your face more.

Many also love wearing caps with loose waves, updos, braids, and low buns. There are so many different options, whether your hair is long or short, so you’ll want to take some time to experiment.


You should also try out different hairstyles for different occasions, even if you plan on wearing the same hat. You might be surprised to see how changing your hair can impact your look, even under a hat!

6. Embrace Your Style

Your confidence will also affect your overall look. You must wear your new hat confidently if you want to transform it. It can take some practice, but when you feel confident, your demeanor changes, enhancing your style.

Large hats can make you appear much more confident, but you’ll still need to be ready to draw more attention when wearing one. If you don’t usually wear hats, you can start wearing one at home. Soon, you’ll find more reasons to wear your favorite hats out and about.

In short, embracing your style is essential to transform your look. Confidence can make you look like a completely different person, even when you’re wearing the same hat. Have fun with it!

7. Dress It Up

Big hats 2

Photo by Frank Uyt den Bogaard on Unsplash

You can change the vibe of your hats by dressing them up for special occasions. You’ll want to add pieces to the hat that match the rest of your outfit. For example, you can add elegant flowers, colorful bows, and more.

Hats are great for special occasions like weddings, garden parties, and family get-togethers. Having a basic large hat that you can change up occasionally is a significant investment since you can make it work with any theme.

Express Yourself With Big Hats

There are many ways to wear a big hat, so take this opportunity to experiment and express yourself. If you love the hat, it will look great on you.

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