Tourist Outfit Ideas


Visiting somewhere and feeling like a tourist? This one is for you! What I love about traveling is that I got a chance to meet new people and know their culture and their way of living. But one thing that makes me feel excited whenever I’m traveling, is my outfit! I think it is part of my nature as a fashion lover to prepare my outfits always. Here are some of my tourist outfit ideas you might want to consider.



If you are a lazy luggage packer like I am, a dress is definitely for you! This is one of the hack fashion travelers should know. Aside from the fact that dresses are not that heavy, you can bring a lot in different colors and style with you since it is easy to pack with and you can pair them with heels or a pair of sneakers. Make sure to bring a suitable dress for church, a romantic dinner by the beach, or some unexpected events.

Short Style


Who can resist a cute short? This one is my style when traveling because I feel more comfortable wearing shorts especially when I pair them with a crop top or a polo shirt. I also love wearing pieces of jewelry to match my short-style outfit especially if I’m wearing a sneaker ugh! it feels so chic!




A romper is also one of my tourist “lazy go-to outfits”. As I have mentioned, I love dressing up but I’m so lazy packing my clothes, I mean if only I can bring my closet with me then I will! What I like about wearing a romper is that I don’t need to think of what to pair with it. It is the same with wearing a dress it is all in one already. Aside from that, it is not heavy to pack and I guess that’s a plus point for anyone who just brings a bag pack during travel. It’s just there’s a little disadvantage in wearing a romper. Admit it, girls! It’s hard to pee when you’re wearing a romper! Lol!

A simple tourist outfit idea with you all for your next travel. As I always said, it doesn’t matter what you wear. What matters is that you enjoy every moment and enjoy the place and the company you are with. I am not discouraging you to bring heavy clothes, whatever makes you happy go with it! Always go with it. Enjoy life and have fun. But if you feel like bringing heavy outfits is a bother then you have a choice, sweetie! See you at the next one 🙂

By Belle Willow

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