We carry pocket-size wallets for a number of reasons including carrying our ATM, DEBT, and CNIC cards. Similarly, we carry cell phones and money inside these pocket-size wallets. Wallets are of different types, sizes, and shapes. Additionally, certain pocket-size wallets are made for women only. Whereas, some wallets are mainly made for men. TOP15 TYPES OF POCKET-SIZE WALLETS

Actually, wallets are an important requirement. We require to carry them along for a number of reasons while moving out of the home. In this blog article, I have mentioned the most common but important types of wallets for men and women. It’s now time to have a look at them all.  TOP15 TYPES OF POCKET-SIZE WALLETS

1. Buckle up Wallet

Both men and women may carry buckle wallets, particularly while going out shopping. It has enough capacity to carry several things including cash, cards, bills, and even a cell phone. The buckle-up wallet has a buckle lock that is used to knot the two folds of a wallet.

Buckle up Wallet

2. Bifold Wallet

The bifold wallet is mainly designed for men. It looks very simple and little in size hence one can carry a bi-fold wallet easily. Similarly, a bifold wallet is ideal to carry visiting cards including debit and ATM cards. Additionally, you can also carry some cash inside them.

Bifold Wallet

3. Card Wallet

Usually, businessmen and businesswomen carry card wallets. It is enough space to carry 10 to 20 debit and other important cards. However, one can even use them to keep important visiting cards.

Card Wallet

4. Cell Phone Wallet Combo

Mostly, women carry cell phone wallets combo. It is slightly larger in size as compared to general pocket-size wallets. Women carry cards and cash including a cell phone in such wallets. Similarly, it has a zipper that keeps all your things protected hence you can carry it even during rainy weather conditions.

Cell Phone Wallet Combo

5. Checkbook Wallet

Checkbook wallets are used to carry checks, passports, important bills, and papers. Both men and women who do some sort of business and business-related deals need to carry checkbook wallets along with them.


Check Book Wallet

6. ID Card Wallet

If you carry different service-related and other identification cards you need to buy and keep your ID card wallet.  It is easy to carry inside your pocket as it is little and simple in size and shape. Similarly, you can even carry some cash in it. Mostly, men keep ID card wallets.

ID Cards Wallet

7. Clutch Wallet

You can carry multiple things inside a clutch wallet. Similarly, women may carry their makeup accessories inside them. Whereas, men may also carry their things of daily use including eye-sight glasses, bills, and other important documents.

Clutch Wallet

8. Coin Wallet

Coin wallets are made to collect and carry pennies and quarters. You can either carry them or keep them at your home and office. Additionally, coin collectors and children also keep coin wallets to collect a lot many coins for them.

Coin Wallet

9. Continental Wallet

Continental wallets are mainly formal wallets that are designed for women to carry while attending different formal gatherings including wedding ceremonies. Similarly, women may also carry them while going to attend parties, meetings, and important events. Continental wallets look very much stylish and attractive to carry.

Continental Wallet

10. Envelope Wallet

These wallets look like an envelope which is why they are named after them. Similarly, the envelope wallet has enough space to carry things of daily use. This is why women love to carry them while going out of home for some casual work.


Envelope Wallet

11. Push-Lock Mini Wallet

Push-lock mini wallet is made for women. It looks very much stylish and easy to carry. Generally, women carry these wallets while going for shopping purposes. However, one can even carry them while attending a formal gathering and a ceremony.

Push Lock Mini Wallet

12. String Wallet

These stylish and fashionable wallets are so popular among young ladies. They have a long string which helps you to carry string wallets through your shoulders. You can carry a string wallet for casual style and look as well.

String Wallet

13. Travel Wallet

Travel wallets are carried by men and women. These wallets help you to keep necessary documents, passports, cards, tablets, etc with you while traveling for some important and official work.

Travel Wallet

14. Trifold Wallet

The trifold wallet is mainly for men. It has three folds that help you keep your things in different sections as per your priority. Similarly, one can put different cards including cash amounts. Additionally, trifold wallets are one of the most common and obvious choices for men.

Trifold Wallet

15. Wristlet Wallet

Wristlet wallets are purely for women. They carry them to look stylish and fashionable. Teenagers and college girls also carry them while attending a formal gatherings as well as while going to the market for some shopping.


Wristlet Wallet

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