Top Winter Trendy Loafers for Men 2022 series 1

Although it’s difficult to be certain, the demand for loafers seems to be soaring. In recent years, the market for stylish slip-ons has grown by leaps and bounds, and this trend doesn’t seem to slow down soon. This has led to an enormous boom for the ur-prep staple, which is still going strong. Nowadays, it’s practically impossible to browse through TikTok without running into some mustachioed man sporting double-knees, a trucker hat, and flashing a stylish pair of two-tone pennies, thanks to a variety of upstart firms that specialize in the look. With all due respect to your black derbies, how many other pairs of shoes can anchor a fine suit, a pair of worn-in jeans, and a vintage tee?

But loafers weren’t exactly winter-friendly until recently. The loafer’s Achilles heel is precisely that when the sky erupts midway through December; the lack of traction on the bottom makes negotiating slushy streets an anxiety-ridden minefield at best and downright perilous at worst. Fortunately, shoe gurus with far more cobbler know-how than we do come up with a simple fix: tough lug soles, which take design elements from your beloved pair of boots without sacrificing the loafer’s fundamental characteristics. There are a few better options to wear when your dress shoes need to grip.

Sebago “Dan” lug sole loafer

It is one of the amazing loafers; it is very much comfortable to wear. And it is one of the most amazing so it stays throughout. While wearing these loafers, you will look cool and should be there in your shoe wardrobe.

Blackstock & Weber “Ellis” lug sole loafer

In the end, the creator of Blackstock & Weber built his company to redefine what fashionable loafers could be. It’s safe to say that Echevarria creates loafers for prepsters, sneakerheads, and everyone in between, using materials like pony hair and Vibram 1757 or Goodyear-welted soles. But it took many years of training for him to develop his brand.

Echevarria pointed to a silver Rimowa bag filled with a lineup of fresh, unannounced shapes as he sat down with HYPEBEAST in his Brooklyn design office. The array of modernized animal designs and electrifying suede hues that spilled over onto an adjacent rug was proof of how far the designer had gone.

GH Bass & Co “Larson” lug sole penny loafers