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What is nail art?

Nail art is a creative way to do art on nails. You must be Thinking about what type of art. Basically, nail art is the creation of designs, colors, and patterns on nails that becomes a trend nowadays. It is the most trendy art that reflects the feminine. It can be done on toenails and fingers nails. Women nowadays specifically step out to the salon to do their nails. Nail art looks so appealing it gives the complete look and for the girls who talk with their hands, it gives a more prominent appearance.

From pastel to strong crazy nail colors, from round nail shaping to square and pointed nail shaping, from giving different patterns to nails to the monochrome, frenched nails. Nail art is getting evolved and making its position a separate and most important component in the fashion industry.

Here are some latest trendy nails art that will gonna fascinate you


Nail art 1

As the name suggests, cartoon nail comes from the cartoon as it gives an animated finish to the nails. This comic look of the nails is the talk of the town nowadays and becomes the latest trend. It gives a three-dimensional effect with one-dimension finish. The best thing is that this coolest thing is on hand.

It is really fun to see the variations from bright to colorful in terms of colors and patterns but not only it is limited to colors and patterns, but it is also versatile with the shape of nails being used. You can use different twists in this so that it will not look the same

To get this look you need a brush, the base color of your choice and black and white nail color for dimensions. It will look better when done with bright pops of color. If you want more dimension you can use a darker color for shadowing.

However, cartoon nail looks so complicated but actually, the technique is more simple that you can perform it on your own at home just by using a black outline and white accents.



Nail art 2

Jelly nail art is taking us back to the ’90s like the jelly shoes we wore in the past. Just like the retro silhouettes are back in town, our nails have also taken a note from the past with jelly nails. They are the most versatile yet simple art look. It gives a clean appearance to your nails and can be a compliment to any look whether you are going out for Sunday brunch or to a birthday party.

They are sheer colors. They can be done on natural nails but to give the jelly-like look with crystalline touch you can use gel extension or clear acrylic for the modest length also.

To get this look. All you need to do is, first choose your color and mix them with the gel base coat until it looks sheer. Apply it to the nails. Here at this point, you can add any design if you want to do so. Then apply a shiny coat to enhance the jelly-like appearance.

It has variations also like

• Geometric shape

• Shimmery rainbow nails

• Glittery flames


• 3D jelly nails



Nail art 3

Metallic nails are high on trend right now .it pull out your overall look together. If you are not wearing a designer dress with Ballage dyed hair but still with a trendy nail appearance then, you are in the game no doubt.

Metallic nails are not like the metal you see on your fence outside. but it gives a shiny metal-like and slick appearance. They not only come in specific chrome colors but they can be done with any color. because of this shiny appearance it is best for night functions. they have gained popularity, especially among young girls. it has also many designs that are evolving day by day.

If you want to create this look like a DIY then you need first, is to clean the nails because in metallic nail art it is very necessary to clean the nail first to ensure that the metallic foil stick perfectly so cleans your nails with alcohol swabs or simple nail polish remover. then apply base color with matching foil color but transparent can also use. then apply glue let it dry for 15 minutes then apply a metallic foil. this will make the metallic nail foil adhere more perfectly and for a longer period. finish it with a top coat. apply it with one go and enjoy your perfectly shiny trendy nails.


Nail art 4

If you looking to get your nails done with some trendy nude colors. then, yes ombre nail art is the best choice. Ombre nails are the one that has a gradient effect in them. it can be from light to dark color to dark to light or it can be of mix colors. ombre nails. ombre nails are generally trendy with basic nude and white nails. but not only it is limited to this. Nowadays more variations are being developed. you can get more designs and colors with ombre nails.

Ombre nails are the most alluring yet so simple and decent. it seems like this nail art is so complicated in to create but it is easy to create. you just need a makeup sponge, the nail polish of your choice and a gloss to top coat and give the shiny appearance. among all the ombre nail art French ombre nail art is the most popular one. you can get the French ombre nail art for Weddings and formal events too as it gives a simple and elegant look.


Nail art 5

Tortoise nails or animals look so chic. they never go out of fashion cheetah prints and zebra prints are the most evergreen among all nail art. Tortoise nails reflect the shell of the tortoise. It gives depths to the nails that look so fascinating. It’s a mix of multi-toned swirls that can be used in multiple ways and goes with every outfit. You can have a hint of tortoiseshell or get full coverage. All looks good in every other way.

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By Huda Fatima 

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