Men's Suits Styles

Gents’ suits are the high demanding garments for men. In fact, suits always remain dominant in men’s fashion and styles. This is why gents’ fashion is incomplete without coats. This time, we have brought the top trending men’s suits and their different types for you. Hence, this blog will help you to understand different types of suits. Additionally, you can pick the right choice for you as per the need and demands of the occasion. Let’s now read them all one by one and pick your choice for your own particular fashion style. Men's Suits Styles

Slim Fit Men’s Suits

These types of suits are tight, fitting, and slim in shape and size. Similarly, they have different names such as slim fit suits, standard fit suits, and skinny fit suits. Normally, gents with some decent height look perfect with these outfits.

Slim-Fit Suits

Classy Fit Gents’ Suits

Classic fit suits are comparatively quite comfortable enough as compared to slim fit suits. Additionally, Europeans still love to wear these outfits, particularly during the long cold, and wintery season. On the other hand Cow Boys in USA, Australia & Canada style with these lovely old and classy outlooks. These suits are usually loose, comfortable,  and less tight-fitting on wearing.


Classic Suits styles

Modern-Fit Men’s Suits

These suits remain in trend nowadays. Basically, modern fit suits are a combination of slim fit and classy fit suits. Many actors wear modern-fit suits during a movie shoot. Similarly, politicians, businessmen, and high officials often wear these suits. Additionally, one can wear them while going for an interview or official meeting.

Modern Fit Suits

Unstructured Blazer Gents’ Suits

In different sports such as Cricket and Tennis, you see players wearing suits. They actually wear unstructured blazer suits. Similarly, these suits are the perfect choice for the spring and summer seasons. Unstructured blazer suits are also a summer choice for many singers. These coats are flat and light on wearing.

Sports Suits

Patch Pocket Blazer Men’s Suits

Patch pocket coat has an outside sewed pocket. This is why we call them patch pocket blazer suits. Different movie stars often wear this type of suit while attending formal gatherings. Similarly, teenagers also love these outfits while attending different parties.

Patch Pocket Blazer Men's Suits

Centre Vent Gents’ Suits

On the backside of the coat, you see a center vent or a cut at the bottom, they are called the center vent suits. These suits are pure business suits. Similarly, high business officials and senior men love to wear them.

Center Vent Coat

Side Vent men’s Suits

Unlike center vent suits, side vent suits have the vent or cut mark at the back sides of the bottom. Gents models and young professionals prefer side vent men’s suits. Similarly, you can also wear them while going to attend formal parties and ceremonies.

Side Vent Suit

No Vent Gents’ Coats

When a suit has no cut mark or a vent, it means it is a no vent coat. These types of suits are very trendy these days among teenagers especially. No vent gents’ suits are in high demand. They are in trend at the moment. Men of all ages equally like No Vent coats.

No-Vent Suit

Tuxedos Men’s Suits

Well, tuxedos or simply tux suits are basically dinner party suits. Similarly, in British English, a tuxedos suit means a dinner suit. Actors often pick these suits with a knitted tie while attending award shows. Additionally, one can go with these suits with self-tied or pre-tied bowties for attending parties.

Tuxedos Men's Suits

Lapel Types of Gents’ Suits

Different suits have different lapels. hence, they have different names on the basis of lapels. Basically, there are three different types of lapel suits. We call them Notch Lapel Suit, Shawl Lapel Suit, and Peaked Lapel Suit.

Lapel Types of Gents' Suits

Breasted Types of Men’s Suits

Like lapel types, breasted types of suits are also of different kinds. Similarly, a single-breasted suit has only one line for fixing the coat buttons. Whereas, a double-breasted suit has two lines for fixing the coat buttons.

Breasted Types of Men's Suits

Pant Types Gents’ Suits

Some suits have specific names as per pant styles. For instance, a flat-front pantsuit has a flat and open pant style at the bottom of the pant. Similarly,  a pleated pantsuit has some pleats in the pant. Whereas, when a pant has cuffs or folds at the bottom, we call it a cuffed pantsuit.

Fold Pants

Two Pieces & Three Pieces Men’s Suits

A two-piece suit has same-colored pants and a coat. Whereas, a three-piece suit has the same colored pants, vest coat, and main coat. There can be solid two-piece or three-piece suits. Similarly, there can be slim solid and party two-piece or three-piece suits.

Two Piece SuitThree Piece Suit

Wedding Gents’ Suits

Normally we call a wedding suit a full suit. it has four same-colored pieces. pants, tie, vest coat, and main coat have the same color and design. However, the shirt’s color may vary as per suit color or individual’s personal choice.

Wedding Suit


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