From fashion perspective shoes for men are like tires for a car. Actually, men’s fashion is incomplete without talking about shoes. Similarly, shoes are the only thing men consider the most crucial part of their fashion. Shoes For Men

Considering the above views, I have realized the importance of shoes for men. This is why I want to disclose the “Top Trending 20 Types OofShoes For Men”. So, let’s now find these top 20 types without wasting your further time. Shoes For Men

1. Blucher Boots For Men

You may have often seen the school and college boys wearing blucher shoes. These classy and formal shoes have laces and they are made from either leather, rexine, or polymer. Apart from school and college boys, professionals working inside offices also wear blucher shoes on regular basis.

Blucher Shoes For Men

2. Boat Shoes For Men

Boat shoes are mainly casual wearing shoes for men. However, these shoes are well in trend these days. Most young men like to wear boat shoes during the summer and spring seasons. Similarly, you need not wear socks while wearing these simple but stylish shoes. These shoes are called boat shoes because they look like a sailing boat.

Boat Shoes For Men

3. Brogues Boots For Men

This Irish-Scottish style pure formal shoe has a low heel. Similarly, it has sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations which is why it is called brogues shoes. Additionally, these shoes give a very stylish and elegant look along with a full suit or a pair of tailored and formal dress pants and shirt.  Brogues shoes come in three distinct colors including black, brown, and camel colors.

Brogues Shoes For Men

4. Canvas Shoes For Men

Canvas shoes are so common and trendy among men of all ages because they are lightweight, comfortable, versatile, and easy to wear. Similarly, these shoes are very much fancy and fascinating. Additionally, canvas shoes come with laces as well as laceless designs. These casual shoes are ideal to wear in the summer and spring seasons.

Canvas Shoes For Men

5. Chelsea Boots For Men

Well, Chelsea boots are mainly designed for the cold-wintery season. They look very much versatile and stylish to wear. Chelsea boots have tumbled leather which gives them a rough look. However, these shoes are quite comfortable and warm enough to protect your feet from severe cold.

Chelsea Boots For Men

6. Chukka Shoes For Men

These shoes are of an ankle-high length that helps you to protect your shoes from cold. Similarly, these casual shoes give you a very dashing and stylish look. Additionally, if you have a decent height these shoes are a perfect choice for you.

Chukas Shoes For Men

7. Derby Boots For Men

Though people wear derby shoes casually, they look purely formal pair of shoes for men. These shoes have a very simple design along with a narrow opening at the front. Additionally, derby shoes have two leather flaps below the ankles that are laced together. However, the thing that makes derby shoes special is that one can wear these formal shoes in any season.


Derby Shoes For Men

8. Desert Boots For Men

Desert shoes are worn for special purposes while roaming and adventuring in a desert. Similarly, these shoes protect you from sharp and edgy stones including burning temperature. On the other hand, these shoes protect you against venomous snakes and scorpions. Additionally, youngsters these days wear them casually and as a part of street fashion as well.

Desert Boots For Men

9. Espadrilles Shoes For Men

Espadrilles are sandal-type casual boots that are usually made from soft and flexible fabrics of different colors. Espadrilles are purely summer season sandals that give you great comfort in the hot weather. Similarly, people of all ages can wear them casually inside the home as well as going outside the home.

Espadrilles Shoes For Men

10. Hiking Boots For Men

You may have seen a British adventurous named Bear  Grylls wearing hiking boots while shooting for his famous show “Man Vs Wild” for the Discovery Channel. These shoes are mainly protective shoes that protect you from water, stones, insects, and extreme weather conditions.

Hiking Boots For Men

11. Hybrid Boots For Men

Hybrid shoes are mainly designed for hunting people. Similarly, hunters use to wear these high heel shoes to protect their feet from bushes, and muddy as well as moist areas. Additionally, these shoes are eco-friendly as they are developed mostly made from recycling material.

Hybrid Boots For Men

12. Loafers Shoes For Men

Loafers are mainly casual wear boots, however, one can even wear them formally. These shoes are light, flat, heel-less, comfortable, and easy to wear. Additionally, Asian men love to wear them on different traditional and formal occasions. Loafers are quite durable and affordable shoes.

Loafers Shoes For Men

13. Long Boots For Men

You may have seen the Cow Boys wearing long boots while riding a horse. Hence you may also call them Cow Boys boots. Similarly, long boot shoes are ideal to wear during rainy, foggy, and cold weather. These shoes are very elegant and stylish to wear during the snowy and cold seasons.

Long Boots For Men

14. Moccasin Shoes For Men

Moccasin shoes are more semi-formal, while perhaps not totally formal in style when contrasted with loafers. In this manner, they best collaborate with formal pants and chinos for an exemplary Friday office look. They could go about as a savvy option in contrast to your dark calfskin shoes while going out to a party or night supper.


Moccasin Shoes For Men

15. Monk Strap Boots For Men

The Monk Strap boots are transitional and conventional shoes that are unimaginably flexible. Similarly, one can pick this pair of shoes as one of the most flexible dress shoes, as these boots coordinate well with relaxed, business easygoing, and less proper business clothing like coats, tweeds, and naval force and dark suits.

Monkstraps Shoes For Men

16. Oxford Shoes For Men

Oxford or English boots are exquisite dress boots that include a shut binding framework disguised inside the upper piece of the shoe. Similarly, Oxford boots are conventional men’s dress shoes. Additionally, for weddings, cocktail events, dinners, or even work, Oxford shoes can be an ideal choice.

Oxford Shoes For Men

17. Running Shoes For Men

If you are a runner, an athlete, or a gym lover, running shoes are just a perfect choice for you. Similarly, you can wear them casually and during playing any indoor sports. Additionally, these shoes are also called joggers shoes as one can wear them while going on a walk.

Running Shoes For Men

18. Sneaker Shoes For Men

Sneakers are the hot favorite choice among teenagers at the moment. Young boys love to wear them casually. These shoes are very stylish, trendy, and fancy. They come in so many different designs and shapes.

sneakers shoes for men


19. Sports Shoes For Men

Usually, sports shoes are worn while playing various indoor as well as outdoor sports. However one can wear them casually during the winter and autumn seasons on a pair of jeans pants. Similarly, one can also wear them on shorts during the spring and summer seasons.

Sports Shoes For Men

20. Wings Tip Shoes For Men

Wings tip shoes are mainly formal shoes however, one can wear them casually along with a pair of jeans pants. Similarly, school, college, and university students quite often wear these pairs of classical shoes.

Wings Tip Shoes For Men

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