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When looking for the best swimwear Indian brands for a vacation, it can feel like you’re drowning in a sea of choices. As Christmas approaches, many people are packing their sarongs and heading to warmer climates. To enjoy this time off, pack for holidays, anticipate days at the beach, or simply look forward to swimming laps in the pool—the water is calling. One of the fun parts of getting ready for a beach vacation is shopping for a new bathing suit. After all, looking for the greatest swimsuits is a year-round endeavor and not just a summer one. Whatever your intentions for your tropical vacation may be, we have put together a list of the top Indian swimwear companies that produce breezy resort attire for all your adventures.


The designers Vezotolu Vadeo and Shilpi Mishra recently debuted their new swim and resort wear line, IZSI. All of their handmade prints and embroidery are created in-house by in-house designers. They only produce clothing that they genuinely believe in; they do not believe in mass manufacturing. Their first collection has funny-patterned bikini sets, lounge shirts for both men and women, and lovely cotton skirts for lounging.


A luxury travel company with an emphasis on sustainability and strong Indian design origins. Verandah’s unique signature style is seen in its resort, ready-to-wear, swimwear, and lifestyle collections. It comprises hand-illustrated prints, beautiful embroidery, and fabrics that are good for the environment. The company sticks to the rules of circular design and believes that sustainable luxury is the best kind. Verandah, the creation of former investment banker Anjali Patel Mehta, is sold at upscale stores like Neiman Marcus and others around the globe.


All of Flirtatious’ swim and resort wear is made in-house and only once, with equal emphasis on style and functionality. They manufacture no more than is necessary and reduce waste and surplus stock thanks to this slower approach to fashion. Also, they provide customization in terms of color, unique sizing, and brief styles. Bollywood stars, including Janhvi Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, frequently choose the label.

Nadi nadi

Nadi was started by Bhaavya and Rishi as a division of their jewelry company, Hannan. They use their swimwear line as a creative lab where they can try out new materials, design without limits, and add some fun to everyday life. All of their pieces are inclusive in size and made from recycled polyester and Econyl® regenerated nylon. They prefer slow manufacturing in order to avoid stockpiling and to produce more of what they sell than what we produce.

Papaaya Swimwear

A new swimsuit company for both men and women with its headquarters in Mumbai, Papaaya Swimwear, was founded in 2021. In their first collection, each colorway has three different styles of bikini tops and is named after a traditional summer drink. Papaya is an excellent destination to find your new pool wear because of its timeless designs and gorgeous colors.

E.L Swimwear

A brand of eco-friendly swimwear and vacation clothes that tries to keep prices low. The basic fabric for the swimsuits is composed of fabric from Carvico, which uses ethical manufacturing processes. Its beachwear is created with 100% organic, GOTS-certified cotton. The founder, Esha Lal, created all of their prints, which are excellent additions to your resort wardrobe.

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