Top summer wedding dresses

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Holla fashionistas🙋‍♀️, how are we doing in this fine weather? or should I ask ‘How’s the weather where you are?”

If you are in Nigeria, I want you to know that I feel you and understand your pain when it comes to our not-so-wonderful hot weather. It is so hot in Lagos, Nigeria that rain is surely a blessing. One of the thoughts I have when it comes to my own wedding is ‘Wait, what if it’s so hot and I start to sweat out my make-up?” or “What if my gown makes me feel hot, then what do I do?”… well I can say that I have searched and found some top-notch wedding dresses that will prevent heat and provide comfort as we know ‘Comfort should be our goal when looking beautiful’

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photo credit: Exquisite brides 

Now for a hot sunny day or just a hot day in general, we women know that long thick sleeves should be a ‘NO’ when it comes to comfort which is why this dress is perfect. The spaghetti strap is a nice fitting to a flared gown while the long veil does the work of covering your shoulders if you feel too exposed.

A bride might say, ‘What about the flared skirt, it’s too much, well if you have a top-notch designer or you go to a wedding dress boutique where all your needs can be met, then you will find out that voluminous flare wedding dresses can be detached and re-attached. This means you can detach the voluminous front of the skirt and rock a short knee-length wedding dress at your reception.

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photo credit: exquisite brides

The unique thing about this gown is the fact that you can rock both fitted and flare designs with a lot of comfort from the waist down. Some brides may not prefer the open exposed neck so according to your choice, you can always just go for a gown with a whole frontal cover but still with this design. I especially like this gown because of the pattern and the flare back up that makes one look bad-ass

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photo credit: Exquisite brides

For many brides that don’t particularly like sleeveless wedding dresses or spaghetti strap wedding dresses, then a little sleeve would be more good than bad even for hot weather. The skirt is especially comfy as it is not exactly fitted but leaves room for walking and dancing. This gown is just the definition of comfort and beauty since it’s a fully covered gown.

So, with all these options, you can take your pick at absolute beauty and comfort.

See ya later, Fashionistas… and read below, please🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️🧎‍♀️👇

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