Top Summer Homegrown Labels In India 2023

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Coordinated sets have become a go-to summer trend, especially among millennials and Gen Z. While cosy cardigans are more prevalent during the winter (especially in North India), printed, coordinated sets have taken the spotlight in warmer months. With the rise in demand for these sets, numerous homegrown labels in India have started offering a wide range of options, particularly in breathable Indian weaves like ikat, mul, and khaki.

Top Summer Homegrown Labels In India

The Clothing Factory

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Ditch your florals and opt for this cotton-based gingham tie-up set. Add a matching hairband to this retro-chic look if you feel extra experimental.

Prints by Radhika

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The eponymous brand, founded by Radhika Rawat, focuses on prints as its core element. True to its name, Radhika hand-painted and thoughtfully placed each image, adding a personal touch to the garments. As a graduate of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), her expertise and artistic flair are evident in the brand’s creations.

The prints Radhika Rawat’s brand offer evoke a sense of lushness and beauty. Designs featuring palm leaves and blooming blush florals transport wearers to tropical mindscapes, creating an atmosphere that aligns perfectly with the spirit of summer. These prints bring a touch of nature’s vibrancy and serenity to the garments, allowing individuals to feel connected to their surroundings and embrace the joy of the season.


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Darwaza is a homegrown brand operated via Instagram, and when it comes to summer, this brand is a winner. Capturing the perfect spirit of Indian summers, of coming home from school to sit under the shade of a tree and hanging out with friends, Darwaza’s offerings evoke a sense of nostalgia that will leave you smiling. The nature-based prints come in relaxing yet exciting colours, all printed on pure cotton to help you beat the heat.

By hand-painting and thoughtfully placing each print, Radhika infuses the garments with a unique thoughtfulness and attention to detail. This personal touch adds an extra layer of artistry and craftsmanship to the brand’s creations, ensuring each piece is unique.


Radhika Rawat

Radhika Rawat’s brand provides an excellent choice for those seeking a summer wardrobe that captures the essence of tropical beauty and offers a unique perspective. With hand-painted prints inspired by lush palm leaves and blooming blush florals, the brand invites wearers to escape to tropical mindscapes and embrace the beauty of nature this summer. broader Radhika Rawat’s brand provides an excellent choice for those seeking a summer wardrobe that captures the essence of tropical beauty and offers a unique perspective

 the fashion industry has witnessed a significant transformation in the perception and aesthetics of sustainable fashion. What was once stereotyped as anti-fit silhouettes in desaturated colours solely for eco-warriors has now evolved into a movement that seamlessly integrates sustainability and style.

Young designers have played a crucial role in giving conscious fashion a facelift. They have introduced structured silhouettes, riotous prints, and serotonin-boosting colours, challenging the notion that sustainable fashion compromises on style. By embracing these elements, they have created designs that appeal to a timeless appeal audience and promote a more inclusive and vibrant approach to sustainable fashion.

Similarly, brands like Ura Maku and Malie have made their mark by infusing their collections with cultural diversity and craftsmanship. Ura Maku’s focus on handwoven and natural fabrics, along with a timeless appeal, showcases the brand’s commitment to sustainability and style. On the other hand, Malie celebrates a fusion of Danish and Indian backgrounds, incorporating artisanal crafts and vibrant prints into their spirited pieces.

By Soumyajit Dutta

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