Top Sportswear Brands in Pakistan 2023

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As we are all aware, Pakistan has a huge selection of active clothing companies, but there are only a few names available for sportswear. Pakistan has gotten increasingly interested in sports in recent years. Sportswear from well-known manufacturers like Nike, Adidas, and others may be seen on people. But now, we’ll talk to you about Pakistani sportswear brands of 2023. As you are all aware, sports are crucial in daily life and maintaining a healthy, fit physique. Many people are clueless about which brand makes the best sportswear when it comes to making the appropriate decision. In order to help you, here is the compiled list of some well-known sportswear companies operating in Pakistan.

Pakistan has never made an attempt to develop its own well-known sports brand. A few new brands have recently emerged, and they are successful at making sporting goods. It’s encouraging to see that these companies are making an effort to establish themselves in the Pakistani sports scene. We have developed a list of brands for you because not every brand in Pakistan is dependable for you.

You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking the top sportswear manufacturers in Pakistan. For you, we have compiled a list of the top sportswear manufacturers that are also active in Pakistan. As you are all aware, sports play a significant role in our daily lives, and those who enjoy them constantly seek out sportswear to feel comfortable while participating in their favorite activities. You can choose from the list of popular brands in Pakistan that is provided below.



Sportswear Brands in Pakistan irongear

Iron Gear, which was founded in 2019 by Salman Zafar and a group of athletes, is one of the most well-known sportswear brands in Pakistan. Irongear has developed from a screen printing business operating out of a garage into one of the fitness industry’s most rapidly expanding and recognizable brands. For you to exercise in comfort and a little bit of style, they ensure that their gear is incredibly comfortable, long-lasting, and has modern, stylish designs. They have everything, including tank shirts, sweatpants, compression shorts, and running shorts.



Sportswear Brands in Pakistan jockey

They have been providing their consumers with the highest quality since 1995. Currently, they are Pakistan’s top manufacturer of upscale intimate apparel, and their goods can be purchased in major department stores throughout more than 100 cities. Every major city in the nation has a Jockey Mono Brand store that we own and run. Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s working out at the gym, going for a run, practicing yoga, swimming, or anything else, Jockey sportswear will keep you feeling cool, dry, and comfortable. This firm offers athletic gear for both men and women, and they are aware of the popular trends at the moment.



Sportswear Brands in Pakistan spartan

At the young age of 22, Bilal Munir started the athletic wear and fitness company Spartan. The clothing line and gym became the fastest-growing athleisure brand in December 2018 and have one of the most vital social media presence. The fastest-growing fitness community in Pakistan, Spartan Fitness, focuses on new, intense group workouts that are effective, quick, and enjoyable. The greatest brand for you, if you’re looking for high-quality sporting goods in Pakistan, is this one. They will provide you with the best equipment that no other brand can. This brand offers all types of athletics under one roof, from basic to opulent.

  • Athleta


Sportswear Brands in Pakistan athleta

Athleta. In 1998, Athleta was first established as a stand-alone business specializing in athletic wear for women. In Pakistan, Athleta International Pvt Ltd offers the following services. In 2000, Athleta Sportswear Clothes MFG Co., Ltd. was founded. The manufacturing and export of… is something that Athleta International Pvt Ltd does. Manufacturing facilities for this family-run business are located in Pakistan and China. For sporty women and girls, Athleta creates apparel with technical and performance elements. You can purchase sporting equipment from this business for everything from running and yoga to swimming and hiking. The primary goal is to provide its customers with the greatest clothing possible that is breathable and comfortable.



Some of the top athletic items in Pakistan can be found at Nomad Apparel. They have a wide variety of attire for any sport and occasion. They guarantee that the clothing has a premium feel and is permeable. Any type of sportswear is available from this brand. The top online retailer in Pakistan is, a growing destination.

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