Top Pandemic Intimate Wedding/Nikkah Fashion Trends To Follow 2022

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Nikkahfied is proud to present the top 10 intimate wedding fashion trends to follow in 2022. In this article, we will be discussing the top pandemic intimate wedding fashion trends to follow in 2022. We have picked some of the most popular and trending intimate wedding dress trends for our readers this year. From traditional Indian lehengas to Western cuts, we have it all covered!

The latest trends in this field are Nikkahfied, marriage lehenga, and off-shoulder dresses.

1. Intimate Wedding Dresses

The bride’s dress is always the focal point of a wedding, and for an intimate occasion, this can be even more so.

Intimate Wedding Dresses

2. Nikkahfied

Nikkahfied has been making beautiful and affordable Indian, Pakistani and Western outfits for all occasions since 2009. Nikkahfied is a one-stop destination for all the latest in wedding fashion trends. Nikkahfied is a Muslim wedding dress that is short in length and has a slim fit. It can be worn by both the bride and groom. This trend is becoming popular due to its simplicity.

Intimate Wedding Dresses Nikkahfied

3. Marriage Lehenga

The marriage lehenga is one of the most popular outfits worn by Muslim women on their Nikkah day or during a wedding reception in Pakistan and India, with many women choosing to wear it as their outfit for the entire ceremony or event. A marriage lehenga is an Indian traditional dress that can be worn by the bride or groom. This trend was popularized by Bollywood celebrities like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra who wore them on their wedding day.

Marriage Lehenga

4. Off-shoulder Dress:

Off-shoulder dress is the first online wedding boutique in India that offers a wide range of Nikkah and Mehndi outfits for women. Off-shoulder dress is the perfect destination for all your Nikkah, Mehndi, and wedding needs. They have a variety of designers from around the world to choose from, so you can find the perfect outfit for your big day.

Off-shoulder dress boutiques have a team of experts who are always on hand to help you with any questions or concerns that you might have about your dress or accessories. They make sure that they provide high-quality service to their customers at all times.

Intimate Wedding Off-shoulder Dress

5. The Nikkahfied lehenga: 

This trend has been around for a while now and will continue to dominate in 2022 as well. The Nikkahfied lehenga consists of an embellished, heavily beaded, and embellished skirt with a fitted bodice and sleeves. It can be worn as evening wear or as a wedding ensemble.

Summer Dresses

6. The long-sleeved gown

This gown has been popularized by Intimate Weddings becoming a popular trend in the wedding industry. The reason for this is that intimate weddings make it easier for the guests to connect with the couple and also provide a more personalized experience.



One of the most important aspects of an Intimate Wedding is the dress. There are many different types of dresses that you can choose from when it comes to Intimate Weddings. Above mentioned articles on intimate wedding dresses are for your ease if you want to try them out just don’t need to hassle yourself, just put on your choice you’ll enjoy it.


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