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Though I liked a number of the new watches from Cartier Watch Week this year, the Big Big Bang Watchmaker Automatic Yellow Bright SAXEM was by far my favourite. My all-time favourite Hublot timepieces down until this release were those with yellow sapphire case backs, and this latest design is everything I adore about the brand’s yellow crystal timepieces, simply taken up a notch and pushed one step further. This watch simply delights me and speaks to my inner child, replacing a chronograph with a timepiece with a micro-rotor and choosing SAXEM over synthetic sapphires to just get brighter and more vivid colours. The bright yellow SAXEM case has an outrageous and garish colour that

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TAG Heuer Monza Flyback Chronometer

The statement that the Monza moniker always heralds a paradigm shift in TAG Heuer’s collection of watches still holds true from my initial news item unveiling the Monza Flyback Chronometer. With an outstanding blend of future extravaganza and retro throwback aesthetic cues, this marks a technically impressive and stylistically crazy leap ahead for the TAG Carrera brand. This skeleton design, like many recent LVMH Watch Week 2023 releases, is meticulously designed and remarkably legible, as well as the COSC-certified in-house dc/dc converter chronograph calibre is just as eye-catching as the case. Overall, it represents an aesthetic and technological advance for Leading Brands as a whole while also paying reference to some of the brand’s racist past. At $13,850

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Hublot Big Bang Unico Time Only Rainbow

constrained and discrete. You will never define Hublot’s Big Bang Integrated Time Only King Gold Rainbow in these two ways  With several incarnations over the previous five years, the company is no newcomer to gem-set timepieces. The sheer number of jewels on exhibit in this exact necklace, 924 to be exact, is what really strikes out. The Time Only’s opulently warm King Diamond case is adorned with 176 stones, including indigo, ruby, mauve, mica schist, and tsavorite, and the matching bracelet has an additional 748. As u follow the tapering bracelet to the clasp, you’ll see how neatly the gradation of colour moves; the diamonds cycle through each colour. This is even more amazing.

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Zenith Defy Skyline 36mm

Every year, the trends in the watch market change just a little bit, and the integrated strap watch has recently become one of the well-liked styles. The insatiable thirst for this kind of watch is trickling out of hype-driven fervour surrounding certain models from prominent manufacturers. Now, it appears like every manufacturer has launched a line of products to compete for market share. Although some fans have grown weary of the idea, it appears that the integrated bracelet will continue to be a mainstay in many catalogues. Few of these watches are made for individuals who have smaller wrists, despite the fact that they are becoming more commonplace. Due to the bracelet, the majority of integrated bracelet watches simply wear larger than their proportions may suggest.

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