Top Makeup Brands

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Makeup is one of the most essential parts of a woman’s stuff. Every woman has makeup accessories from different makeup brands. Some of them owe their makeup brands and some of them don’t know which brand’s accessories are of good quality and best. Some of them bought expensive makeup accessories thinking that the more expensive the accessory is the more will be its quality. Some of them even don’t know how to apply them.

Some outstanding women who created their makeup brands:

Here I’m going to talk about all such stuff.

There is the most famous cosmetic brand Kyliecosmetics owned by a famous American model KylieJenner.

Makeup brands: kylie cosmetics
Picture by Pinterest.

There is another famous brand owned by Rihanna namely Fenty beauty.

Colourpop is the number one cosmetic brand which is also owned by Kylie Jenner.

Makeup brands: colourpop
Picture by Facebook.

Then comes Huda beauty makeup artist and blogger Huda owns.

Women who become makeup artists:

Pat Mcgrath is the number one influential makeup artist in the world by Vogue.



Picture by dazed.

Bobbi Brown is another outstanding makeup artist in the world.

Then comes Lisa Eldridge another qualified makeup artist of the world. 

Those women who do not like makeup:

Some women love simplicity and do not wear makeup instead of wearing makeup they prefer to apply moisturizer and other such products. Some of them publicly said that “I’ve come to love my natural look instead of hiding behind makeup.” Caroline

I know a lady on social media who is a mental health activist namely Khoula Gohar she also avoids makeup.


But after all, you know what truly matters?

Your interest, if anybody of you wants to wear makeup, create a makeup brand, or avoid makeup altogether, should follow their interest.  I hope I help you all who were in confusion that which cosmetics brands’ products should they buy, which outstanding makeup artists should they follow, and what they should do if they feel weird with makeup.

Regards, Khudeja Noor.

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