Top Luxury Bathroom Towels

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Luxury hotels have perfected the art of making everyday things better. Their linens are more luxurious, their sheets are silkier, and their towels are truly exceptional. While turndown service may be more difficult to find at home, there’s no reason your bathroom can’t look and feel like your preferred 5-star resort. Luxury bathroom towels come in many price ranges, weights, levels of absorbency, and other ways.

We’ve looked into a variety of designs that you’d find at the world’s best hotels and can order for your own bathroom, whether you’re looking for a plusher design or a monogrammed option. The Frontgate Resort Cotton Bath Towels are our top pick overall due to their exceptional softness, ability to withstand many washings over time, and premium quality at a reasonable price. But all of the bath towels on our list will make showering a more opulent and pleasant experience because of their quick-drying designs, eco-friendly materials, and reasonable prices.

Frontgate Resort Collection Bath Towel

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The vacation towel from Frontgate is our top pick because it is durable, soft, and has a great price-to-quality ratio. You’re in luck if you like your towels to have a little weight to them but value absorbency and a quick drying time; these fit the bill and come in 24 vibrant colors to brighten up your bathroom. The “zero-twist” process used on their 100% long-staple Turkish cotton puffed the fibers up with every wash and prevented the yarn from fraying over time, giving these towels longevity that makes them a worthwhile investment.

They are plush and unbelievably soft, to begin with, but the real magic happens on laundry day. Additionally, for a small fee, you can add a custom monogram in the thread color and font of your choice from Frontgate. After a leisurely soak, you’ll see how a good hotel towel can elevate the mundane act of bathing into a ritual when you wrap yourself in this plush paradise.

Wayfair Basics  Dry Six-Piece Cotton Luxury Bathroom Towels Set

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One of the most affordable options available is Wayfair’s six-piece collection of essentials. It’s perfect for people who want a simple, inexpensive set. It has two cotton bath towels that are 57 inches by 27 inches, two hand towels that are 26 inches by 16 inches, and two washcloths that are 12 inches by 12 inches. As long as you avoid bleach or chemical shower products, the towels’ traditional dobby weave border and color retention are good. Be aware that the price is a good indication of the quality; these are a great low-cost alternative for people who want thin, light towels or who want a set for a breezy summer that might only last a season or two.

Brooklinen Ultralight Bath Towels

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If you want a lighter towel, the best choice is the ultralight towel from Brooklinen. Our list’s lightest towels, in this reasonably priced pair of two, weigh just 320 grams per square meter. They are great for people with smaller washing machines or less storage space because they are made of 100 percent Turkish cotton. They are OEKO-TEX certified, which means they have passed strict tests to show they don’t have any chemicals that could be harmful. The quick-drying material is perfect in humid bathrooms. These are about as thin as you’d want to go for regular showers; if you’re looking for something even more lightweight, think about getting a fouta towel. They’re soft but sturdy.

Coyuchi Cloud Loom Organic Towels

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This towel will transform your bathroom into a five-star fantasy suite for a little bit more money than a night at a premium hotel. Because they are thick but not heavy and have a luxuriously soft pile, the cloud loom towels by Coyuchi are the perfect everyday treat. They are not only incredibly absorbent but also dry more quickly than a typical fluffy Turkish towel because of their innovative cloud-weaving technique. They come in a variety of earthy colors, including undyed cotton and Coyuchi cotton, which is a rare and naturally brown cotton yarn that commands a somewhat higher price. Notably, they are also certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This means that the entire production process can be seen and is organic from start to finish and that the finished product meets safety standards (like OEKO-TEX).


Softolle 100% Cotton Luxury Bathroom Towels 

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At their initial wash, they can expel some fluff.

Interesting towels make wonderful housewarming presents or a colorful, useful way to update your bathroom. You won’t want to put on your clothes again once you use these colorful, velvety towels that are thick and comfortable enough to be made of premium cotton. These huge towels are not only toasty and warm but they are also built to be strong enough to withstand repeated washings without losing any of their superior quality.

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By Soumyajit Dutta

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