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Today on my fashion blog, I’ll tell you about one of Bollywood’s most stunning and lovely actresses, Deepika Padukone, and how she always looks great. Deepika Padukone consistently makes a fashion statement. She draws attention everywhere she goes. She knows how to look good and makes it look effortless, whether it’s in an airport or while wearing a sari. She can pull off practically anything, including leather pants and monochromatic ensembles, and can provide you with some outstanding fashion ideas.


                        First on the list is one of Deepika’s best looks from her time in Bollywood. Thanks to Deepika, Gen-Z is now completely enamoured with this style. She wore leather trousers on a variety of occasions, mixing and matching various designs and materials to create FABULOUS fits. Deepika rocked this “Biker Chick” vibe, making her look tough and confident. The addition of some gold with the hoops was a stylish way to break up her all-black attire while keeping the mood she was trying to convey.

Deepika Padukone black outfit 


                      The second item on my list is difficult to carry off unless you’re Deepika Padukone, who can pull off anything flawlessly. It’s challenging to wear one colour from top to bottom and look like the pinnacle of fashion, but that’s what makes Deepika Padukone. She frequently wore monochrome athleisure ensembles at airports and really nailed them. With a pair of flared leather leggings, she gave this trend a slight twist. It’s never looked so hot to be cosy and stylish!

Deepika Padukone monochrome 

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                       The third item on my list is a traditional Indian garment called a saree, which is incredibly difficult to pull off flawlessly unless you’re Deepika Padukone. She appeared to be the ideal representation of Summer. As evidenced by this outfit, she always looks best when keeping things understated yet exquisite. Another piece of advice from Deepika is to limit your accessories to a minimum so that everyone’s attention is drawn to your magnificent gown.

Deepika Padukone traditional 


                          Fourth on my list is the most recent trend. Deepika is known for giving every trend her own spin, and she did the same with corsets, the year’s most prominent fashion statement. She took it up a notch by wearing it over her loose-fitting white blouse, while most chose to wear corset dresses or tops. Voila! Wear it with loose-fitting jeans. Everyone would want to steal your dress because it is so stylish. She looks quite stunning in her eccentric attire with some heavy gold jewellery and that dewy blush makeup.

Deepika Padukone corset 



                            The fifth one is one of my favourites because of the gorgeous outfit Deepika was wearing. If she can rock athleisure, she can also kill big, flashy costumes. Look at this vibrant pink dress. Everything about the garment—the fabric, the cuts, the frills, and of course, the colour—is perfectly in place. It’s just… Perfect. It’s neither too much nor too little. She wears it with little else but her signature low untidy hairstyle and large drop earrings, a Deepika Padukone touch.

Deepika Padukone runway 


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