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Today on my blog, I’ll talk about five of the greatest fashion icons ever, as well as what makes them so. To be deemed a fashion icon, your look must either spark societal debate, appeal to current trends, or—most frequently—outlive you. If you possess all three, you are considered a triple threat in the fashion world and are likely to be featured on Pinterest boards and receive retweets all of the time. There is no fast track to this esteemed position; instead, consistency—the capacity to serve a look at a moment’s notice—is what it comes down to. Your red carpet ensemble may be your ticket to fashion heaven or it may be a walk of shame to a less-than-hot hell. How can you then apply all these teachings to your own sense of style? I’ve compiled a list of the top five stylish people who are literally brimming with influence below.


Let’s start our list with members of the royal family, like Princess Diana and the Prince of Wales. She won our hearts when she was a princess, and as a fashion icon, she still has an impact on our sense of style. The young princess was frequently seen at the beginning of her royal career wearing outfits with plenty of frills and bows that were popular in the 1980s. However, the fashion icon quickly abandoned flamboyant clothing in favour of far sexier forms like Versace gowns and Dior accessories. These outfits were associated with conventional aristocratic garb. The fact that Princess Diana utilised clothing as an extension of her personality and each look reflected her warmth and charisma is what makes her style so alluring. Her sense of style never wavered, whether she was attending to her philanthropic obligations in a casual jacket and loafers or dropping her kids off at school in collegiate jumpers and cycling shorts. She has established herself as a fashion star because of her constant and well-thought-out sense of style.


fashion icons: Princess Diana


Second, on our list is a singer that has mesmerised us not only with her singing but also with her sense of style in clothes. The reason why the singer, designer, and mashup of multi-hyphenates is a fashion icon is that she has worked so hard to succeed in her several fields (sorry, it was right there). Rihanna’s fashion journey is one for the record books, starting with her baggy trousers and crop top ensembles that ruled the noughties and ending with her self-assured contemporary aesthetic. Her propensity for wearing niche brands before they become well-known (see Molly Goddard) and detecting trends early on have solidified her standing as an icon and allowed her to build her own fashion empire, Fenty.


Fashion icons: rihanna 

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My third choice is Zendaya (26) is the youngest person on our list and demonstrates that you don’t need to be older to be a fashion icon; you simply need to make bold fashion decisions. The young actor, who is from Disney Studios, initially adopted a mismatched look that included multicoloured layers and sneakers. Everything changed, though, when Law Roach, a stylist, entered the picture. The young star abandoned her pragmatist “girl next door” persona in favour of a more deliberate approach, dressing in labels that would make best-dressed lists and give her the freedom to forge her own fashion direction. As a result, she now looks just as chic in a men’s Berluti suit as she does in a silk Vera Wang gown.

fashion icons: zendaya 


the fourth one is Audrey Hepburn, who is most closely associated with fashion but also with breakfast, Tiffany & Co., and other things. She soon fell in love with clothing after meeting Hubert de Givenchy in the early 1950s; her delicate, tiny figure was the ideal medium for presenting the designer’s haute couture creations. But Hepburn’s entry into fashion icon lane is the result of one of those exceptional instances where the ideal silhouette and the ideal star may forge a mutually beneficial connection.The romantic comedy’s well-received reviews elevated the designer and Hepburn’s celebrity status and cemented it for all time. Today, the names of Hepburn or Givenchy must be spoken in the same sentence as the phrase “little black dress”. Why not draw style cues from Hepburn’s summer clothing if you want to emulate her ethereal charm without going with the obvious option? You can go big with your Old Hollywood renditions by wearing wide-brim straw hats or ballerina-style flats.


fashion icons: audrey hepburn 


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Chloe Sevigny, who appears to exist outside the reality of what is popular or trendy yet still manages to feel contemporary, comes in last on my list. When she instructs us to jump, we inquire as to the height. We move to the left after her. People on the street stop to inquire about the sandals she is wearing. There is always a carefree vibe to the actress’s outfits, whether she is taking her baby for a stroll in Simone Rocha or visiting Paris in Miu Miu. Sevigny is an accidental icon; it’s significant to note that she didn’t actively pursue her image as a fashion icon in order to attract attention. That’s kind of what makes her really unremarkable style endearing. She doesn’t dress to make a statement or appease the fashion gods above; Dr Martens she wears on a daily basis are entirely her own. And we eagerly anticipate witnessing how her style develops as she moves into the following stages of her life. 


By Taha

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