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The evolution of sustainability in fashion has witnessed a shift in perception and aesthetics. In the past, sustainable fashion was often associated with loose, relaxed silhouettes, muted or desaturated colours, and a more minimalist approach. It was commonly perceived as a practical choice for eco-conscious individuals, but only sometimes aligned with mainstream fashion trends.

In recent years, industry pioneers and young designers have been instrumental in reshaping the landscape of sustainable fashion. They have recognised the importance of integrating sustainability with style, understanding that aesthetics play a crucial role in appealing to a broader audience and driving change in the fashion industry.

As a result, conscious fashion has undergone a facelift, embracing new design elements and trends that go beyond the stereotypical image it once had. Young designers are introducing structured silhouettes, vibrant prints, and colours that evoke positivity and joy. By doing so, they aim to challenge the notion that sustainable fashion must compromise style and creativity.

Several factors have fueled this shift towards more visually striking and diverse aesthetics in a sustainable fashion. Firstly, increased consumer awareness and demand for ethical and sustainable products have pushed designers to find innovative ways to meet these preferences without compromising style. Customers now seek fashion that aligns with their values and reflects their style and individuality.

Top Emerging Homegrown Labels


Top Emerging Homegrown Labels 
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Ura Maku: Ura Maku, led by designer Manjushree Saikia, offers a collection of deceptively simple separates that leave a lasting impression. The brand focuses on creating enduring classics that are reinterpreted using handwoven and natural fabrics, emphasising sustainability in their design philosophy.

The pieces from Ura Maku showcase a fearless play of shape, texture, and proportion, resulting in garments with a timeless appeal. The brand aims to create designs that can be worn and cherished for a sustainable lifespan, moving away from fast fashion trends and promoting a more conscious approach to dressing.

Drawing inspiration from her Assamese roots, Manjushree Saikia pays homage to local crafts from the North East of India and other regions. By reviving traditional craftsmanship, Ura Maku incorporates these artisanal techniques into contemporary designs, infusing them with cultural heritage and uniqueness.


Ura Maku’s impeccable modern tailoring ensures that each piece seamlessly fits into your wardrobe, offering versatility and effortless style. Whether it’s a redefined power suit or an of-the-moment waistcoat, their trans-seasonal designs are carefully crafted to be effortlessly integrated into various outfits and occasions.

Combining sustainability, craftsmanship, and contemporary aesthetics, Ura Maku represents a brand that offers stylish and timeless garments, supports local artisans, and promotes a more sustainable and conscious approach to fashion.



Homegrown Labels 
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Malie: Malie, founded by partners Amalie Othilia Brandi Mikkelsen and Karandeep Singh, is a fashion label that embraces flouncy dresses, frothy blouses, and full skirts, all adorned with mood-enhancing colours and riotous prints. The brand visually celebrates its founders’ culturally diverse and contradictory backgrounds, combining Mikkelsen’s Danish roots with Singh’s Indian heritage.

Drawing inspiration from artisanal crafts, Malie’s spirited pieces strongly emphasise handloom woven fabrics and vibrant hand-block prints. By championing these traditional techniques, the brand not only preserves and promotes the heritage of these crafts but also infuses its collections with a sense of cultural richness and storytelling.

The designs from Malie feature saturated colours and eye-catching prints, reflecting a vibrant and joyful aesthetic. These creations are intended to offer a sartorial boost, injecting a sense of energy and positivity into the wearer’s wardrobe.

The fusion of Mikkelsen’s Danish influence and Singh’s Indian background results in a unique and harmonious blend of styles and cultural references. The juxtaposition of these diverse elements adds depth and intrigue to Malie’s collections, creating a visually stimulating and captivating fashion line.

Overall, Malie represents a brand that embraces the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship, cultural diversity, and the power of bold colours and prints. Their creations offer a sartorial escape, allowing individuals to express their personalities and embrace joy through fashion choices.

Hence, these are the two most important fashion and Luxury Homegrown labels.

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