Top Bathrobes for Women

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The ultimate hint for your “me-time” is about to begin is donning lovely bathrobes. Your herbal tea is brewing, your scented candles are lit, and you are dressed in your coziest jammies. The finishing touch, which is so crucial, is all that is left. After a long day, your soft robe indulging in the world’s greatest bathrobe is a necessary luxury. Not to mention, it’s our get-up after the bath, our get-up for brunch on the weekend, and our get-up for watching a movie. There is no reason your bathrobe shouldn’t be a lovely representation of your individuality, just like the rest of your wardrobe. Fortunately, there are many fresh looks to pick from:

We’ve put together a list of the best women’s bathrobes, like satin kimonos, spa robes, fluffy robes, and cotton bathrobes, to make your downtime more luxurious.

Brooklinen Waffle Bathrobes

Brooklinen Waffle Bathrobes

The 100% Turkish cotton Brooklinen Waffle Robe is the definition of tranquility.

When you just want to #chill, the traditional design with its distinctive weave pattern is ideal for drying off after a soothing bath or sitting around the home (while remaining very much in style, of course).

You may comfortably lie around all day in it without worrying that your style is suffering because of the broad neck and flattering fit, which add instant charm. In fact, it will suggest that even when you’re not working, you have impeccable taste.

In addition, the waffle-like surface is excellent at absorbing water. In order to quickly become warm and dry, you can change right out of your warm bath into your crisp, classic waffle robe.

Yet it’s not only about functionality: The Brooklinen Waffle Bath Robe has 350 GSM (grams of cotton per square meter), which also exudes coziness.

Coco de Mer Bathrobes

Coco de Mer Bathrobes

You can still appear and feel glamorous even while you’re relaxing at home. The Fuji robe by Coco de Mer, which is ideal for the boudoir, will have you unwinding to the fullest in swathes of satin.


The delicate scalloped lace trim and gracefully draped kimono sleeves give the dress a very feminine look. When fastened, the sash belt cuts a lovely silhouette; when left lazily open, it lends an air of something special.

You can still dress up to remain in, as evidenced by this luxurious satin robe (though it is tempting to throw on some heels and head out on the town). The Coco de Mer Fuji is the ideal sensual bathrobe for a private evening or a romantic night in.

We will warn you, though: If you answer the door to the pizza delivery man, get ready to shatter someone’s heart.

Richie House Bathrobes

Richie House Bathrobes


The Richie House Bathrobe is ideal if you want a luxurious bathrobe that is large on comfort but short on the price tag. This robe feels like you tripped and collapsed into a cloud of warmth since it covers every inch of you (gracefully, of course).

The coral fleece fabric, which is made of 100% polyester and is a significant improvement over regular fleece, feels wonderful against your skin. You will be positively mummified, in the finest possible way. The dress will fall to your ankles and be finished with a wide shawl collar.

This robe is well-stitched and made of strong material, so it will last you through many Netflix and chill sessions. Hence, the Richie House bathrobe has everything you need to keep you warm, comfortable, and snuggly on a chilly winter night.



Nothing keeps you as warm and comfortable as a fleece robe on a cool morning. The Sherpa robe by Eberjey is pure coziness and is named after the Nepalese mountain guides, who know a thing or two about keeping cozy.


When it comes to warm comfort, the slip-on robe more than lives up to expectations.

Put it on after a hot shower or unwind with a glass of Bordeaux and a movie for pure relaxation. The wraparound shape and tie-waist of the Eberjey Sherpa robe keep it snug while you mess around in the morning making coffee.


Most of us wear our bathrobes outside of the bathroom, and they are easy to mix in with our other loungewear. Hence, we must equip ourselves with a robe that is capable of getting us through both bathtime and downtime. Let’s talk about the Cuyana Organic Pima Robe.

The robe is unbelievably silky because it is made from the brand’s exclusive Peruvian Pima long-staple cotton. It’s ideal for layering over loungewear or quickly swapping out your coat when you enter your home (no judgments here). For the full benefit of its smoothness, you should wear this on bare skin.

The Cuyana Organic Pima Robe has a rounded high-low hemline that hits just above the knee. The belt ties the look together well, and the roomy pockets can hold all of your go-to items for relaxing time without you having to raise a finger.

Ideal for: lazy hours wrapped in luxury and tenderness.

By Soumyajit

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